Homemade Chicken Nuggets

By Anne-Marie Nichols

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

If your children are gluten free, I bet you’ll love making these Homemade Chicken Nuggets for them.

Sure there are gluten free chicken nuggets products on the market. However, they may be hard to find at your local grocery store and can be a bit pricey.

Instead, you’ll find this chicken nuggets recipe super easy to make. It’s so yummy that even the non-gluten free members of the family will love them!

Your family will love these gluten free chicken nuggets!

Dipping sauce ideas for gluten free chicken nuggets

Serve Homemade Chicken Nuggets with sauces like:

Kids love to dip gluten free chicken nuggets in sauce. Have them create with some fun dipping sauce on their own!

Plain non-fat yogurt is a great base. In small ramekins, they can mix a little yogurt with a few spoonfuls of flavoring ingredients like:

  • mustard
  • barbecue sauce
  • honey
  • tamari sauce (gluten free soy sauce)
  • jams and jellies

Make up a batch of Homemade Chicken Nuggets as easy-to-serve party appetizers with dip on the side for your next family movie night!

Make this chicken nuggets recipe as a meal or appetizer.

This Mama’s tips for your chicken nuggets recipe

Gluten free panko style bread crumbs may be found at natural grocery stores or in the health food aisle of your grocery store. If you can’t find gluten free panko, you can use gluten free bread crumbs (make your own from gluten free toast ground up in a blender). Or use gluten free cereal placed in a ziplock baggie and crushed with a rolling pin!

The cooling rack placed on a baking sheet allows the hot air to circulate around your chicken nuggets recipe for even cooking and crisping.

Spraying the Homemade Chicken Nuggets with a canola cooking spray increases the heat at the surface of the chicken. It browns the chicken nuggets and gives them a bit more flavor and crispiness.

You can dip your chicken nuggets in skim milk, no-fat yogurt, or unsweetened coconut milk instead of egg whites if you wish.

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Homemade Chicken Nuggets



  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  2. Place a cooling rack on a baking sheet. Set aside.
  3. Cut chicken into nugget sized pieces. Trim off any fat or gristle.
  4. In one pie pan, place egg whites and water. Stir to combine.
  5. In a second pie pan, place panko bread crumbs, jerk seasoning, and monk fruit. Stir to combine.
  6. If you’re right handed, line up the chicken, then egg wash, then bread crumbs, then the baking sheet. (Reverse if you’re left handed.) Then taking just your right hand, grab several chicken nuggets, and then place them in the egg wash. Remove one nugget from wash and roll it thoroughly in the bread crumbs. Lay it on the rack in the baking sheet. Nuggets should have about 1/2” spacing between them. Repeat with the remaining nuggets that are in the egg wash. Repeat until the baking rack is full.
  7. Lightly spray chicken nuggets with cooking spray. Place in oven and cook for 6 minutes.
  8. Remove baking sheet from oven. Flip chicken nuggets and lightly coat with cooking spray. Place in oven and cook for another 7 minutes until done. Chicken nuggets should be golden.
  9. Remove chicken nuggets from baking rack and place on a large plate or platter. Cover and keep warm until it’s time for serving. Repeat process with any remaining uncooked chicken.
  10. Serve with a dipping sauce.
Prep Time: 30 Minutes
Cook Time: 13 Minutes
Total Time: 43 Minutes
Servings: Serves 6 to 8
  • Serving size: 1/6 to 1/8 of recipe

Originally posted on April 7, 2015. Updated with new pictures and information.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets make easy-to-serve appetizers. This chicken nuggets recipe is gluten-free and kids will love them served with dipping sauce! Make this chicken nugget recipe as a kids\' meal or party appetizer. #recipe #glutenfree #chicken #chickennuggets #kidfriendly #kidfood #appetizer #kidsmeals #appetizers

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