Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit now at Walmart

Try the Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit. Now available at Walmart!

I was provided a free Jenny Craig Weight Loss Starter Kit. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Last year, I did a Jenny Craig 3 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit review – and loved it. This month, I’m excited to announce that Walmart is now selling the Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit! (Call first to make sure your local store has it in stock.)

You’ll find the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit at Walmart in the diet/weight loss aisle. You can also order the Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit online at

What I love about the 5 day Jenny Craig Kits sold at Walmart is that if you’re interested in a weight loss program like Jenny Craig, the Jenny Craig Weight Loss Kit gives you a chance to sample it without spending a lot of money or making a big commitment. That way you can learn about the Jenny Craig weight loss plan and see if the food is to your liking before signing up at a Jenny Craig center or at Jenny Craig Anywhere, their one-on-one support program that’s done over the phone or on via Skype.

What I like about the 5 day kit over the 3 day kit is that it gives you a better feeling of what it would be like in real life on the Jenny Craig Weight Loss plan. Some of us are fine for a few days on a diet plan, and then we have a late night with a sick kid and forget to bring our healthy salads and cut up fruit to the office the next day! Having a five day supply will help you understand how you’ll need to plan and adjust your lifestyle to eat more healthfully.

I recommend a plan like Jenny Craig for people who are too busy to cook special meals for themselves when they’re already cooking meals for their family. Having premade and measured portions of food can make starting  a healthy eating plan so much easier. I also like how easy it is to bring prepackaged food like Jenny Craig to work or having it ready to go for dinner after a exhausting day. Having that convenience makes it so much easier to stick to a plan, meet your goals, and lose the weight.

What you get in the Walmart Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit

Included with the 5 Day Kit from Jenny Craig are five days worth of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. The Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit also comes with a Starter Kit Menu to help your figure out which Jenny Craig meals to eat and when, and to give you guidance about fruit, milk and non-starchy vegetable equivalencies. You also get a coupon book that includes a free month of consultations for any Jenny Craig center in the US (or via telephone at Jenny Craig anywhere) and a $50 food credit when you sign up with Jenny Craig. 

The Jenny Craig diet and weight loss plan is very easy to follow. All the Jenny Craig meals and foods are color coded – yellow for breakfast, green for lunch, orange for dinner, and magenta for after dinner snacks. (Yes, after dinner snacks!)

Here’s a video I put together showing you what’s included in the Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit that’s now available at Walmart!

Jenny Craig food hacks

The food in the 5 Day Starter Kit was just as tasty as the Jenny Craig food in 3 day kit. However, I missed the chocolate shakes from the 3 Day Jenny Craig Kit since my favorite breakfast hack (a fun way to dress up and play with my food) was to add espresso powder to the chilled chocolate shakes and make skinny mochachinos.

Another Jenny Craig weight loss hack is for people who like milk in their coffee in the morning and wonder where they’re going to get it. Just don’t put all 8 ounces in your Jenny Craig cereal! Instead put 1 to 4 ounces of warm milk in with your coffee. (Heat it up in the microwave.) I like making a café au lait and using a no calorie coffee syrup to sweeten my coffee.

Another hack you can do with the food in the Jenny Craig 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit is to take the Chicken Chili and combine it with 1/2 cup of your favorite frozen vegetables. (I love using frozen vegetables because they’re already cleaned and chopped). Mix the veggies and chili together in a microwave safe dish, heat and you have a Chicken Chili Casserole!

Finally, my favorite part of the 5 Day Weight Loss Starter Kit was the addition of non-fat Greek yogurt as a snack along with one serving of fruit. The hack possibilities are endless: frozen yogurt pops with fruit, yogurt sundaes with fruit layers, or smoothies (add ice cubes to your blender for more volume to your shakes). Yummy!

What kind of “hack” will you be making with your Jenny Craig Starter Kit food?

Disclaimer: Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lost 1-2lbs. per week.

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