Five ways to aid weight loss

family walkingWeight loss can be a burden. Whatever shape or size we are, we’re never happy. Losing those extra few pounds brainwashes us into believing we’ll be happier and less stressed. However, it’s quite often the thought of having to exercise and cook super healthy meals that stresses us out. Undoubtedly eating healthy food, fruit and vegetables while exercising more is going to help trim your waist. However many busy people just don’t have enough hours in the day to begin thinking how to lose weight. Or they just give up and put on weight, which is unhealthy and can be life threatening. So instead here are a few naturally healthy things that can aid weight loss. As soon as you can fit these five tips into your daily regime the better and easier it’ll be to shed those pounds.

  1. Get more sleep. Instead of staying up to watch another hour of trashy TV with a glass of wine, head up to bed. Sleep will relax you far more and will actually prevent weight gain. It’s proven that the more sleep deprived you are, the more likely it is that you’ll be snacking all day in attempt to keep yourself awake. Researchers found that sleeping less than seven hours a night correlated positively with a slight increase in BMI (body mass index). Not getting enough sleep alters our metabolism as well as our eating and activity patterns, making it harder for us to lose weight.
  2. Control your portions. Be mindful of what you eat and balance out protein, carbohydrates, fruit and veg, dairy and sugar parts of your meal. Make meals high in protein and vegetables. However, just because you’re cooking a healthy meal, doesn’t mean you can increase your portion size. Not only will healthier food keep you fuller for longer, but it will help you lose weight. To aid this, make sure you know what the ideal food portions sizes are for you.
  3. Use a psychological approach to losing weight. When eating all meals, use small cutlery and a small plate at to convince yourself that you’re eating a full plate’s worth of food. The use of a small knife and fork also means it will take considerably longer to get through a meal, again making you feel you’ve had a big meal and a full plate of food.
  4. Buddy up and find a friend or family member who is up for losing weight, too. You can share meals and even take trips to the gym together. The motivation and support for one another is vital to maintain steady weight loss. Take weekly walks around your town or go discover someplace new. Use moments like this to motivate you and help your weight loss plan.
  5. Finally, try something new like volunteering. It’s a great activity that helps you feel better in yourself and usually involves moving around. This helps to slowly build your metabolism, which again helps you lose weight. For example, volunteer to dog walk for the elderly – it’s proven that if you walk a dog for 20 minutes a day, five days a week, the average body will lose 14 pounds a year! The exercise involved in volunteering has so many benefits and even if you just do a voluntary activity once a week, it can guarantee making you feel better while helping you lose weight.

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