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dining is a new website devoted to sharing lists of your favorite (and maybe not so favorite) restaurant online with like minded food folks. Recently, I had the chance to join Smorgie to test drive it. Here are some of my thoughts.

Smorgie, interesting but not quite fully cooked yet

  • It was very easy to join and set up a profile.
  • The website is very attractive and fast loading.
  • As soon as I joined, I immediately started to add restaurants by searching on a city nearby me. However, when I searched on the town’s name nothing came up. Instead, I had to list both the town and the restaurant name. I would like it if a bunch of restaurants would come up when I searched on just the city, so I could pick and choose from that list.
  • Once I searched on and found a restaurant I liked, it was easy to add it to my favorites. It was also easy to create a list and add the restaurant to the list.
  • I liked that the restaurant information (address, phone, etc.) and the listing came up instantaneously.
  • I also liked that I could share the link via email, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. However, the Pinterest link doesn’t work as it takes me to someone named Kate’s Pinterest profile.
  • While adding a picture is easy, adding more than one is cumbersome since you can only add one picture at a time. As a food blogger who loves taking pictures of my dining experience, this is a huge inconvenience.
  • Sometimes when I was uploading pictures, I’d come out of the website interface and get a primitive looking upload page. I could only get back to the restaurant listing by using the back button on my browser.
  • Browsing lists is interesting but problematic. You cannot search on the lists, so if you’re looking for restaurant lists in a certain area or of a certain type (for example, Japanese restaurants in Seattle) you’re out of luck. There are 43+ pages of lists, so I’m already overwhelmed before I click through them all.
  • The only way to find and friend other members is by viewing the lists. Again, either a search function or a listing of members would make it easier to find like minded foodies.
  • Smorgie would work better as a smartphone app. After all, you’re not at the computer when you’re dining out! However, you probably have your phone with you to take pictures, download photos, and write short reviews. Seems redundant to go home, download your photos to your laptop from your phone or camera, then upload them to Smorgie.

Smorgie’s a cool idea, but it needs more time in the oven before it’s ready to serve.

What’s your favorite restaurant dining app?

Disclosure: This sponsorship’s brought to you by who I’ve partnered with for this promotion.

2 thoughts on “Serving up restaurant lists at

  1. Dan

    Thanks for the feedback, both the good and bad.

    The pintrest button was something new that we just added a couple days ago based on a users comments. Guess we have some bugs to work out on that. We’ll get it fixed.


    1. Anne-Marie Nichols Post author

      Thanks Dan for giving me the opportunity to review and share it with my readers. IMO, it’s about half way there. Once you make the fixes and improve functionality, it’ll be a very cool website. Hope you develop a smartphone app, too!


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