Indulging with Werther’s Original Sugar Free candies

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A review of Werther's Original Sugar-Free candies.

A box of Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy.

Why you should try Werther's Original Sugar Free Candies

Dealing with a sweet tooth is hard when you're trying to eat healthy or lose weight. However, if you’re diabetic, it’s a matter of life and death when it comes to managing your intake of candy and other sweet treats.

That’s why I tried out Werther's Original Sugar Free candies and share my experience with my diabetic and sugar free readers.

Werther’s Originals Sugar Free caramels are made with the sugar alternative Isomalt and the sweetener Acesulfame-K.

If you’re concerned about artificial sweeteners, Acesulfame-K is considered safe by both the US FDA and the equivalent agency in the EU.

These sugar free candies have zero sugar carbs (3g of total carbs) and only  8 calories per candy, 40% less than Werther’s Original caramels.

According to Werther’s Originals Sugar Free Satisfaction Survey of 1,000 adults with diabetes, 66% of them found it hard to change their diet and avoid sugary treats.

In fact, 39% of the survey respondents said that their enjoyment of eating sweets had taken a hit since they began watching their sugar intake.

That’s why I hoped Werther's Original Sugar Free candies were going to be as good as their original candies!

A jar of Werther's Original Sugar Free Candy.

Does Werther’s Originals Sugar Free pass the taste test?

To give these sugar free Werther’s candies a test drive, I tried samples of all their sugar free flavors – Caramel Apple, Caramel Coffee, Caramel Cinnamon, and Classic.

I wanted to see if they tasted as good as the regular Werther’s Originals. I’ve tried sugar free candies, mints, and cough drops before, and often they’re pretty awful.

It’s not fun being sugar free, so I was keeping my fingers crossed that Werther’s had it figured out.

My family and I tried out all the varieties of Werther’s Originals Sugar Free, and frankly we can’t tell the difference between regular Werther’s Originals and the sugar free ones. Score! (My favorite was the Caramel Coffee.)

One thing I did notice is that I was able to stop eating Werther’s Originals Sugar Free caramels after just a couple of candies. I cannot do that with regular Werther’s candies.

That’s a really, really good thing especially since Isomalt can cause tummy distress like gas and diarrhea when eaten in large quantities. (That’s because the body treats it like fiber.)

You can purchase Werther’s Originals Sugar Free online on Amazon.

15 thoughts on “Indulging with Werther’s Original Sugar Free candies

  1. Jada Green

    These things were manufactured by satan.
    It’s 3:30a and I have contemplated going to the ER, which is the last place I’d like to be in these corona and monkey pox streets.
    My stomach is distended as if I am 6 months pregnant and it hurts really bad. The gas and diarrhea is the worst I have ever had in my is surpassing when I ate nothing but fruits and veggies for 3 weeks. I have been crying out to the Lord.
    I considered giving these to my ex, but he wasn’t that bad to deserve this. I’m pitching these and I never throw away food items.

    1. Emma

      I binged a 80g bag of these tonight. I started having severe stomach cramps, my tummy was so bloated it was rock hard & I could not pass wind. The pain and cramps got so bad I had to lie in a frog position on the floor rocking back and forth. The pain lasted a few hours & I got scared that I might actually burst my bowels because there was so much trapped wind. My stomach started rumbling like an earthquake, then the explosive diarrhoea came and I finally managed to pass wind. What a relief. I’ve been trapped on the loo for 90 minutes now. I didn’t even know that sugar free sweets could do this, I will never eat another one of these candies again!

  2. James Shuter

    Oh wow. Wish I read this about six hours ago. I had 8 of these things. 3 soft caramel no sugar added Wherthers and 5 of the hard original no sugar added ones (one serving is 5 candies – 40 caps.). After about an hour and for several hours after that I was back and forth to the bathroom every 15 minutes. Wow. I have taken Ducolex before and that was nothing like the reaction I had to these candies. This could be quite dangerous for some people with low blood pressure. Drink lots of fluids if you ate a handful of these before reading these responses. Good luck!!

  3. molly jay

    Um, wow, yes. I’ve eaten lots of sugar-free treats in my life, and never had a reaction the way I did to these. I, too, thought I was going to need to go to the ER. Very distended stomach and pain an hour or two after eating 7 of these … eventually leading to an unpleasant hour in the bathroom. Lesson learned, for sure!

      1. Anne-Marie Nichols Post author

        I think a lot of people have digestive issues with Werther’s Original Sugar Free candies. It’s hard to have just one or two because they’re tasty. And indulging in too many means tummy upset!

  4. Russell

    I bought these because I love caramels and I’m diabetic but like mentioned in other post, the artificial sugars do not get digested and the body flushes them out via diarrhea and gas. If you eat a few every other hour, it’s not an embarrassing situation. I ate around eight of these before a business meeting and just made faces at the person next me hoping to divert blame.

  5. Sidney Hassall

    I am type 2 diabetes, tying to loose lots of weight,
    Am I ok to have these sugar free , weathers or please can you recommend anything please

  6. Elizabeth Jones

    Can I get a sampling of the other flavors Werther’s Original Sugar Free Candies. I hate the thought of buying then and not liking the different flavors. Once I try them where can I get the ones I like in San Antonio TX or do I have to buy the other flavors over the Internet?
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Jones

  7. Alice

    These candies are amazing. They taste every bit as good as the original Werthers. However, you absolutely should eat them in small portions until you know what it does to your body. I ate 10 of them yesterday after having a really stressful day and just really craving some sweets. Calorie wise, not too bad, it’s 100 calories for hours of craving control.

    Stomach wise? I thought I was going to wind up in the ER! I had cold sweats, chills, a severely distended stomach, terrible gas, etc etc. It was an experience.

    So enjoy these awesome little treats in small doses because there’s no going back once you go over the line!


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