Why is gluten sensitivity on the rise? #gfcommunity

wheatThere's a fascinating story about gluten sensitivity in the September 2012 issue of Whole Living magazine called, Our Daily Bread. The article says that, “...there are indications that a good portion of today’s gluten sensitivities come from two big changes in the past half century: first, in how we grow and process wheat; and second, in how we turn its flour into dough.”

It points to the studies that found that some people with gluten intolerance issues can consume intensely fermented wheat. In addition, a 209 Norwegian study published in the Journal of Agricultural Chemistry found that many wheat proteins were significantly transformed by the nitrogen and sulfur in chemical fertilizers. Others theorize that people can tolerate wheat that is over milled and over processed. Finally, others think that switching to heirloom wheat strains may solve many people’s gluten issues.

Whatever the case may be, the article gives a lot of food for thought – quite literally. Check out the article and let me know what you think HERE Udi’s Gluten Free Community website or below in the discussion box.

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