Is gluten-free a culinary trend where you live? #gfcommunity #glutenfree

locally grown in HawaiiI’ve just returned from two trips – one to Athens, Georgia and the other to Honolulu, Hawaii. I had a great time eating the local cuisine and visiting grocery stores, fish stalls, and farmer’s markets.

Living in Boulder, Colorado, I definitely notice that gluten free is a huge trend out here. Yet I didn’t see that in Athens or Honolulu. Instead, both places (like Colorado) are into locally grown, sustainable and organic foods. They’re also into honoring their local culinary traditions – Southern cooking in Athens and Polynesian and Asian foods in Honolulu. Both places also offer vegan and vegetarian dishes at hole in the wall as well as fine dining establishments.

Athens is certainly as hip as Boulder and Honolulu is a major tourist destination. So I was slightly surprised that gluten free foods weren’t readily available in either place.

Is gluten free a trend in your area?

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