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Candokidbars_1My sister emailed me about Can Do Kid, which was started by a friend’s work colleague, Deborah Churchill Luster, who served as president for Annie’s Homegrown and left the food industry to have children.

Deborah states, "We developed the bar out of necessity. As a mom on the go, I need a healthy snack my children will eat. While an apple or carrots are my first snack choice, my kids won’t always eat them and instead reach for candy, cookies, chips or other energy depleting snacks. The Can Do Kid nutrition/energy bar gives kids a nutritious energy- enhancing alternative that tastes great!"

I’m very interested in food aimed at the nutritional needs of children, since energy bars are a lifesaver at my home. My son was having behaviorial problems at school until we realized that he needed to eat more often during the school day. The easiest way for him to snack in class was to have an energy bar. My son always like Power Bars, so I purchased several varieties. It worked out well for us since he thinks they taste good, and the bars are high in protein and carbs. However, some varieties are full of high fructose corn syrup.

At first glance, Can Do Kid bars seem ideal: no high fructose corn syrup or trans-fats, good balance of protein, fat and carbs, and added vitamins, too. They’re 70% organic and aimed towards the nutritional needs of kids. My biggest complaint – they contain eggs, soy, wheat, nuts, milk, and peanuts – the stuff that some kids are extremely allergic to. (Unfortunately, most energy bars contain the same ingredients.) I’d love to see them offer a healthy bar for kids with allergies as well or at least those who are sensitive to nuts.

Finally, if you do order through the website, the bars are pretty pricey (about $1.60 for a 4 oz. pack of two bars and that doesn’t include shipping and tax). However, they’re probably cheaper if you buy them locally, so check out the listings for a store near you.

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2 thoughts on “Can Do Kids Nutrition Bars

  1. Angela Goodwin

    What a great idea to have energy bars for kids. I have the hardest time finding healthy snacks on the go. My kids will occasionally eat healthy snacks, but on the go it doesn’t work so well. My daughter loves carrot sticks, but not if they are warm. My son loves apple slices, but not if there is a spec of brown on them. I love keeping a snack stash in the car for those “I’m starving” crisis. I’m definitely going to try and find these, much better than granola bars. I do agree with the allergy thing though, my kids don’t have problems but when a kid in their group does it is problematic.


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