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  • Monthly stats: 122,400 unique readers and 176,855 page views per month according to Google Analytics.
  • Demographic information: My readers are US based and come: California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, Washington, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.
  • Age brackets: 11% are 18-24 years old, 29% of readers are 25-34 years old, 23% are 35-44 years old, 17% are 45-54, 13% are 55-64 years old, and 3% are 65 years or older.
  • 40% of my readers are millennials.
  • 74% of my readers are female.
  • 56% have children.
  • People who visit This Mama Cooks! On a Diet are interested in cooking, health & fitness, movies & TV, home decor, shopping, current events, celebrity gossip, travel, technology, photography, team sports & football, and cars.

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Who should sponsor This Mama Cooks! On a Diet?

  • gluten free or allergen free foods
  • food and snack brands
  • cooking and kitchen equipment brands
  • alternative and no calorie sweeteners
  • beer, wine and spirits companies
  • dog food and pet product companies
  • family travel providers and destinations

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Recipe development, product reviews, or travel destination reviews at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet

Cost: depends on scope of project

What you get:

  • My corporate experience in marketing copywriting.
  • My experience in writing for the web, SEO keyword research, and bringing your message to my readers.
  • Original recipe development for food product reviews.
  • Original food, product or travel photography that does well on mobile, desktop, and in Pinterest.
  • Step-by-step food video, if needed.
  • Pinterest graphics for maximum social amplification.
  • Graphics for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites for maximum social amplification. 
  • Social amplification to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Number of times will vary depending on project needs.

Note: all links to client’s site are “no follow”

How to order: Contact me to place an order.

Payment: You can pay via PayPal.

Blog Giveaways

Running a giveaway at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™

Cost: $400

What you get:

  • One giveaway post using Rafflecopter with up to three “no follow” links to your site
  • Full disclosure required per FTC guidelines
  • Posting the giveaway on the This Mama Cooks! Facebook page, the @amnichols Twitter page, and at various online sweepstakes sites
  • Running the giveaway for a week (additional time can be negotiated)
  • Picking and notifying the winner
  • Passing on the winner’s mailing information to you
  • Note: you need to do the prize fulfillment, i.e., you ship the prize to the winner(s)

How to order: Contact me to place an order.

Payment: You can pay via PayPal.

Social Media Consulting

1. Hire me to write for your blog or website

Cost: Depends on the editorial assignment - length/word count, subject matter, deadline, cross promotion, social media promotion, etc.

Benefits: I bring my writing skills, readership and influence to your site and can write on a variety of topics from parenting to health to travel.

How: Contact me to discuss.

2. Hire me to run and grow your social channels 

Cost: Depends on the scope of the project and the duties I'd need to perform.

Benefits: I bring my social media skills and experience building and growing my own social channels.

How: Contact me to discuss.

3. Hire me as a brand ambassador

Benefits: Here's what I bring to your brand:

  • my blog traffic numbers and community
  • my influence and reputation in the mom, food and healthy lifestyle communities
  • my ties to the food blogging, healthy lifestyle, and parent blogging communities
  • my professional writing, marketing and social media experience
  • the awards and professional recognition I've received for my blogging
  • the quality of my writing and photography
  • being an influencer on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Cost: Depends on length of time of the campaign or project and the duties I'd need to perform.

How: Contact me to discuss.

4. Twitter parties and chats

Benefits: I can help you reach moms, dads, millennials, and other consumers who are into cooking, organic food, gourmet food, travel, pets, and more. I can also help you reach the gluten free and allergy communities.

Here's what I can do for you:

  • Work with you on messaging, timing, and to create a unique hashtag
  • Promote the event on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Personally invite my online communities to participate in the event
  • Create a promotional post at thismamacooks.com a week before the event
  • Work with you to create a script (questions, tips, giveaway promotion, etc.)
  • Create images to tweet during the party and before during promotional efforts.
  • Provide a report from Twitter analytics and Hashtracking.com after the event

Cost: Depends on the scope of the project and the duties I'd need to perform.

How: Contact me to discuss.

Updated 3/11/2019