Book and app review: The Fast Metabolism Diet #FastMetabolismDiet

Book and app review: The Fast Metabolism Diet

When SheSpeaks originally sent me an offer to read Haylie Pomroy’s book, The Fast Metabolism Diet: Eat More Food and Lose More Weight and try the diet for a month, I was really gung ho. Rather than counting calories or carbs, The Fast Metabolism Diet teaches you to rotate the foods you eat each week to induce physiological changes in your body to boost your metabolism. Basically, for four weeks in Phases One through Four, on Mondays and Tuesdays, you eat carbs and fruits, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you consume proteins and veggies, and on Fridays through Sundays you eat all the above plus healthy fats. Many of the foods from lean proteins like fish and buffalo, healthy carbs like quinoa and brown rice, vegetables, and leafy greens were things I ate normally though not in the way Haylie laid out in her book. I could do this, I thought, and was really excited to learn more about it!

The Fast Metabolism Diet not for me – this month

Then I saw how much planning the The Fast Metabolism Diet would take. I had to make sure I had plenty of “my food” on hand and use Haylie’s recipes to feed my family. I didn’t think that would be too hard because we do tend to eat this way at home normally, most of the time. I also didn’t mind giving up alcohol and diet soda for four weeks and drinking lots more water. These were things I knew I should do for optimal health. (By the way, you do the diet for four weeks and then eat normally and healthfully the rest of the time. Some of Haylie’s customers do another month if they want to lose more weight, or they do a “tune up” once a year or even quarterly.)

I also liked her exercise plan. Beginners can do 30 to 40 minutes of cardio during Phase One (or 45 to 75 minutes if you’re already exercising) two  times a week. In Phase Two, beginners do 20 or 30 minutes of weight lifting. During Phase Three, you can indulge in relaxation and stress relief like yoga, meditation, a hot bath, or even a massage! Easy right?

Then I looked at the calendar. I was faced with Spring Break, two business trips, and another shoulder surgery. (The shoulder surgery was canceled, thank goodness, due to my miracle worker of a kinesiologist, Dr. Paul.) There was no way I could follow The Fast Metabolism Diet on the road or while laid up in bed. Also, while I could do cardio on the stationary bike, weight lifting was ruled out due to my shoulder issues.

Also, you’re not allowed to have rice vinegar on this diet! As a someone who has to develop recipes usingrice vinegar, this was a problem for me, too, though something I could work around by having my family as taste testers.

Frustrated, I begged my contact at SheSpeaks to let me out of our agreement about doing a trial run of the diet. Instead, I offered to do just a book review of The Fast Metabolism Diet on my blog in exchange for the book.

The Fast Metabolism book and app review

Even though I found The Fast Metabolism Diet rather restrictive, if you’re not traveling for a month, are detail oriented, and motivated to lose weight and eat right, I believe you may have good success with this diet. Much of Haylie’s theories about revving up your metabolism by eating the right foods intuitively made sense to me. What especially struck a cord is her belief that you have to make it easy on your liver to process your food and burn fat. We “poison” ourselves with hard to metabolize foods like alcohol, diet soda, and foods with artificial ingredients, so our livers work overtime in breaking them down. If we can give our livers a rest with healthy whole foods, then it will function better and rev up our metabolism to break down fat stored by the body. Haylie claims her diet theories are supported by her work with domestic animals like horses and cattle and by research, though I would have liked to see some footnotes or a bibliography with references to these studies.

I was also confused about the The Fast Metabolism Diet’s meal plan and how much I could eat. There were sample menus in the book, but they were hard to read since they were printed vertically and in very small print in the book. I had looked around The Fast Metabolism Diet website for some printouts to take to the store and to post on my refrigerator door, but didn’t have any luck.

Then last week, my contact at SheSpeaks emailed me about Haylie’s new Fast Metabolism Diet App, which is available on iTunes for $1.99. (I got a complimentary code to download and review it.) The Fast Metabolism Diet App It helps you keep accountable by keeping track of meals and snacks eaten, daily water intake, and ways to stick to the diet even when dining out. It also helps build grocery lists and plan for meals in advance. Finally, a way to make this diet more doable and practical!

Armed with a easy-to-use app, and assuming my shoulder’s in good shape, I’m going to quickly reread the book at the end of May and will start doing The Fast Metabolism Diet in June. Even with the craziness of summer break, I know I’ll be home and will have added incentive of seasonal vegetables and weekly farmer’s markets and warm weather to exercise outdoors to help me lose some weight. I’m looking forward to it!

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4 thoughts on “Book and app review: The Fast Metabolism Diet #FastMetabolismDiet


    Your review would be 100% better if you had actually done the diet… it has weird ingredients in menu’s. listed
    just starting the diet …. like anything changing bad habits are easier when you have the good habits to replace them with….

  2. Kristin

    I have been wanting to try this so thank you for the review and I will have to purchase the book and check out the app. Thank you!

  3. Liz

    Thanks for reviewing this book. I hadn’t heard about it before.

    You did a good job of laying out pros and cons. I look forward to hearing your experiences when you actually try the diet and meal plan this summer.


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