Yopa! Greek Yogurt – a balanced way to start the day #YopaYogurt

Yopa! Greek Yogurt - a balanced way to start the day

Are you familiar with YoCrunch™ yogurt? Well, they’ve come out with Yopa!™, authentic nonfat Greek yogurt that’s packaged with a healthy crunch from either granola, dark chocolate or toasted almonds. Yopa! sent me a few coupons to try out their Greek yogurt and share my opinion with you. I thought this would be a great way for my family to try out a new Greek yogurt brand, especially since my husband starts out his day with Greek yogurt, a side of granola and some fruit. I’m also trying to get my kids to eat more yogurt, especially my daughter who doesn’t like drinking milk.

We tried the blueberry, strawberry and the black cherry with granola and the vanilla with almonds. Unfortunately, my grocery store didn’t have the vanilla with dark chocolate chips, but I’ll be on the lookout for that one for sure!

I liked that Yopa! had everything packaged and ready to go, which makes my husband’s day a little easier since he often takes his breakfast to work. It was very easy to undo the lid and foil and mix the yogurt and granola together, especially since they allowed extra room in the cup for you to add the granola or nuts, without spilling when stirring it. I found Yopa! to be delicious and the texture perfect – creamy and thick. (My husband agreed.) I also liked having the extra crunch from the granola along with the real fruit, as did my kids.

The Yopa! difference

Yopa! stands out from the rest of the Greek yogurt crowd because they’re committed to producing the best yogurt by using farm-fresh, regionally-sourced milk from dairies close to where they make it. Also, it takes four gallons of milk to make one gallon of Yopa! yogurt, but they think you’re worth it.

Then Yopa! adds real vanilla or fruit to their authentic, strained Greek yogurt. In addition, they pair each flavor with either whole grain granola, toasted Blue Diamond almonds, or dark chocolate, for a delicious balance of yogurt, flavors and toppings with a nice combination of crunchy and creamy. Yopa! is a “Balance Perfected” way to start your day! And it makes a great afternoon or after school snack, too.

Yopa! comes in the following flavors:Yopa! Greek Yogurt Blueberries & Granola

  • Blueberries & Granola – real blueberries and nine whole grain granola
  • Strawberries & Granola – real strawberries and nine whole grain granola
  • Black Cherries & Granola – real black cherries and nine whole grain granola
  • Peach & Granola – real peaches and nine whole grain granola
  • Vanilla & Almonds – rich vanilla and toasted almonds
  • Vanilla & Chocolate – rich vanilla and dark chocolate chips

You can buy individual cups or four-packs of each flavor. Yopa! comes in a 3.5 and 5.3 ounce sizes.

The benefits of Yopa! Greek yogurt

Yopa! is a great source of protein. The 3.5 ounce cups contain at least 16% of the recommended daily allowance of protein, while the 5.3 ounce cups contain at least 26% of the recommended daily allowance.

Other benefits of Yopa! are:

  • Good source of calcium
  • 0g of cholesterol and trans fat
  • Made with 5 cultures and 3 probiotics
  • No preservatives or artificial colors (and only one product has artificial flavor – vanillin)
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher certifie
  • Take the Yopa! Taste Challenge

Take the Yopa! Taste Challenge

Speaking of balance, gold medalist Gabby Douglas is an expert, and she's challenging you to take the Yopa! Taste Challenge where you can win a variety of prizes, including $10,000! Just "like" Yopa! on Facebook for a chance to win and to grab a coupon for $.50 (or more!) off one cup of Yopa! Authentic Greek Yogurt.

Disclaimer: I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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