How to pack the perfect lunchbox #DoleParfaitEscape

How to pack the perfect lunchbox

I’ve been packing lunches for my kids for over eight years now, so I’ve become an expert in what they like to bring to school for lunch. Both kids like a combination of sweet and savory. The main savory lunchbox item are sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a little mustard – turkey bologna for Lucie and a ham, roast beef or pastrami for Nathan. (However, if Nathan has had his braces tightened, he like bringing a thermos of hot butternut squash soup.) Another savory item is cheese. Nathan likes low fat smoked string cheese and Lucie has low fat “Laughing Cow” cheese.

Packing sweet things in their lunchboxes are a must both kids, of course. Frozen low fat yogurt tubes, dried fruit bars, and even clementine oranges are always eaten and never thrown out. I always make sure to pack a drink, too, either a juice box (usually leftovers from a party or camping trip) or a bottle of water.

My kids’ favorite sweet lunchbox item are fruit cups, especially DOLE® Fruit Parfaits, which have a tendency to disappear before I have a chance to pack them in their lunchboxes. In fact, I’ve been including them in their lunches ever since I attended the Dole Blogger Summit back in 2010. Since we’re big fans, I was thrilled that DOLE sent me some of their DOLE® Fruit Parfaits  to review and share with you.

A healthy sweet treat

What I especially like about DOLE Fruit Parfaits is that they’re a healthy sweet treat that you can feel pretty good about packing in your kids’ lunch on occasion. (I consider them a treat, not an everyday food item.) My kids love them because of the smooth layer of deliciously light-tasting crème. And I like them because they contain real fruit. DOLE Fruit Parfaits contain all natural fruit and are rich in Vitamin C. They’re also low fat, cholesterol free and very low in sodium. They’re also super convenient to pack for afterschool snacks on the way to sports or dance practice – just bring a spoon!

DOLE Peaches and Crème

There’s also three different kinds so they kids don’t get bored with the same flavors. (Their favorite is Peaches and Crème.):

  • Pineapple and Crème
  • Apples and Crème
  • Peaches and Crème

DOLE Fruit Parfaits also affordable as the suggested retail price is $2.79/per package of four – cheaper and healthier than getting an ice cream at school. (Yes my kids’ cafeterias still sell ice cream. Sigh.) You can find DOLE Fruit Parfaits in the canned fruit section at your grocery store.

For more information, go to You can also connect with DOLE on Facebook and on Twitter.


Disclaimer: I’m part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and DOLE partnered in support of this campaign. DOLE compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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