A barbecue tour from KC through St Louis to Tennessee

Gates Ribs

On our move out from Boulder, Colorado to Athens, Georgia, my family and I traveled through prime barbecue territory – Kansas City, St. Louis, and Tennessee. I wrote about the restaurants we dined at in my guest post, Midwest BBQ Tour at Drive the Nation.

I think my overall favorite barbecue restaurant on our trip was Jack’s in Nashville, though the brisket at Gates in KC was to die for. (And to be fair, I think they were having an off day on the ribs. That's what some of the local folks we shared our ribs with thought.)

What’s your favorite barbecue restaurant?

3 thoughts on “A barbecue tour from KC through St Louis to Tennessee

  1. homecookedhealthy

    Wow these look great. Have to say this is something I do miss on our healthy eating but have been playing around with cauliflower poppers (tastes like chicken tenders) with BBQ sauce. Do you have any vege ideas for BBQ’s that I could pass along?


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