7 reasons why you should sign up with Door to Door Organics

Door to Door Organics When I was first approached by Door to Door Organics to do a review, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I live near so many farms (organic and conventional) and have access to farmer’s markets. Also, my local supermarkets do a decent job of providing some organic vegetables at a decent price. So why would I want to go to a  a home delivery service that at first glance seems a bit pricey?

Here are seven reasons why!

Reasons why Coloradans should sign up with Door to Door Organics

1. Door to Door Organics support local farmers whenever possible.  Here in Colorado, 80-90% of Door to Door Organics’ produce is sourced from local farmers. Door to Door Organics offers a “Local Farm Box” throughout the summer through October with 100% Colorado grown produce. This year, they are working with more than 15 local farms, offering sweet corn, tomatoes and summer squash from Full Circle Farms in Longmont, peaches and cherries from First Fruits in Hotchkiss, spinach and other greens from Grant Family Farms in Wellington, and a great deal more.

2. Door to Door Organics offers flexibility. I’ll never forget a friend calling me up to ask advice on how to cook up kale. Seems her CSA was sending her bushels of the stuff. After a few meals she was tired of trying to figure out new ways to cook it – and her family was sick of eating it.

Door to Door Organics’ customers have the ability to set preferences by choosing the produce they do or don’t want. You can make up to five substitutions with the current menu offering, and add additional items as well. You can also shop for groceries such as Colorado organic grass-fed beef, chocolate, coffee, and fresh-baked artisan bread, as well as order produce not grown in Colorado, such as bananas and avocados.

3. Door to Door Organics meets your family’s need. I’ve had friends overwhelmed by their CSA shares. It’s just too much food and they end up giving a lot of it to friends and neighbors. Door to Door Organic’s Local Farm Boxes are offered in two sizes: the Bitty, perfect for 1-2 people per week, and the Small, a good size for two to four people. They also offer other options, such as mixed fruit and vegetable boxes of various sizes. You can see all the box offerings here.

4. Door to Door Organics is convenient. If I was to get an organic CSA share, I’d have to take an hour round trip drive into Boulder County or a 90 round trip drive to Loveland once a week. What a time sucking and gas guzzling waste of my time! Instead, Door to Door Organics comes to you. In Colorado, their delivery area spans much of the state including Colorado Springs to Fort Collins, east to Reunion, and west to Gypsum and Steamboat Springs.  Delivery is included in the price for most areas throughout the Front Range.

5. Door to Door Organics is reasonably priced for what you get. The Bitty box starts at $24.99 and the Large Mixed box is $59.99. I received a Bitty box to facilitate this review and it was perfect for about a week’s worth of side dishes. (I got a cucumber, a pint of tri-color cherry tomatoes, a bunch of bok choi, a bunch of green beans, a Japanese eggplant, a bunch of kale, a bunch of lettuce, and a handful of shallots.) The produce was delicious. And if I had to factor in the convenience, variety and not having to drive all over town to go shopping, it seemed like a great price for organic produce.

There are other ways to save with Door to Door Organics. You can set up a co-op and have four or more boxes delivered to the same location for a discount. You could do this at work or your children’s school, sign up coworkers and other parents, and all benefit from the discount and the healthy veggies and fruits! There’s also a referral program, called a invitations program, where you can give friends or family a 50% discount off their first box of organic produce.

6. Door to Door Organics believes in helping their customers. Each Local Farm Box includes farm origin information for each item, which would come in handy if, god forbid, there was ever a recall. They also include farm news and details on upcoming farm events, including farm tours you can bring the kids, too. They also send you seasonal eating tips, and recipes. They recently launched a new feature on their website, Door to Door Organics Kitchen, which offers numerous recipes for everything you receive in your order. No more wondering what to do with all that kale!

7. Door to Door Organics is not just in Colorado. They also have programs in Kansas City, Chicago, Michigan and the East Coast including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Prices and offering vary by regions. If they don’t cover your area, put in a request to colorado@doortodoororganics.com.

For more information

For more information on Door to Door Organics in Colorado, visit Colorado.DoorToDoorOrganics.com or their FAQ page. You can also check out their main website at doortodoororganics.com. Connect with them on Facebook or follow Door to Door Organics on Twitter.

Disclosure: I received a Bitty box of produce to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Andrea

    We live in the Kansas City area and have used Door to Door Organics for approximately 8 months. They are the best! They offer a great assortment and the quality was excellent. We are moving to Florida next month and really hope they service that state, too.


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