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Start the New Year right with a $4 coupon off your next purchase of Centrum® multivitamins

Start the New Year right with a $4 coupon off your next purchase of Centrum® multivitamins. Learn how at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet - thismamacooks.com

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness.

Did you make one of those “gotta get healthy and fit” resolutions for the new year? Maybe you decided to eat more vegetables or drink more water. Did you sign up for a yoga class? Or possibly you promised yourself that you’d walk for at least 30 minutes a day? Well, did you know that only 8% of Americans successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions? Disheartening, isn’t it?!

One of the easiest get healthy goals I’ve found is taking a daily vitamin. Most people don’t get the all the vitamins and minerals they need from their diet, especially essential nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D, and E, and the minerals calcium and magnesium.  Instead, the easiest way to cover your nutritional bases is to take a quality multivitamin like Centrum® every day.

To remind myself to do so, I put out the bottle next to the coffee pot every evening after I clean up the kitchen after dinner. That way I’m reminded to take my multivitamin in the morning.

To make it even easier for you to complete just one healthy goal this year, click on this link for a $4 coupon off your next purchase. It’ll take you to the Centrum® website to find the Centrum® that’s right for you.

Why you should take a multivitamin

A complete multivitamin like Centrum® delivers a combination of key vitamins and minerals to help fill the gaps in your diet to help ensure you get the recommended daily amount of key vitamins and minerals.  To better understand why these dietary gaps exist, Prevention and Centrum® conducted a national survey to assess how Americans perceive key vitamins and minerals.

Results from the Prevention and Centrum® survey revealed there’s a significant knowledge gap regarding the importance and benefits of key vitamins and minerals like Magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin A which may contribute to the dietary gaps that exist. For example:

  • 58% “not sure” where they can find Magnesium, only 8% aware it’s important for energy. 
  • 53% “not sure” where they can find Vitamin E, only 12% aware it’s important for heart health. 
  • 50% “not sure” where they can find Vitamin A, only 10% are aware it helps with immune system.

Calcium, Vitamin D and Vitamin C top the list of nutrients Americans feel are absolutely needed, while Iron, Calcium and Vitamin D top the list of vitamins and minerals Americans are most concerned they may be lacking, among the 48% who are concerned at all.

Even if they are concerned their current eating habits are not delivering key vitamins and minerals, Americans don’t appear to be changing their eating habits to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals in their diet.

  • 60% of Americans have not changed their diet in the past year to increase the amount of vitamins and minerals they get.
  • 74% agree it’s a lot easier to eat unhealthy.

I know from personal experience that it’s impossible to know what nutritional deficiencies you may have without getting a blood test. Even if you go for an annual physical, your doctor may not be checking all your levels unless you request it! So get a jump on your healthy New Year’s goals and take a multivitamin like Centrum®, especially when you have a $4 coupon off your next purchase!

Taking care of your health is easy with Nature Made VitaMelts

Taking care of your health is easy with Nature Made VitaMelts

I’ve been a big fan of Nature Made vitamins and supplements for years, to the point that I consider taking their product part of my daily wellness regimen. I like Nature Made’s quality and that they make just about any supplement I’m interested in taking. I like the price of their product, especially when my local grocery store has a Buy One Get One Free stock up sale on Nature Made vitamins.  I also participate in their Wellness Rewards program to get $3 and $7 coupons.

However, taking a daily vitamin can be a pain, especially when you have to take more than one. To get them all down, you have to drink a big glass of water or juice. And believe me, there’s been a few times when I couldn’t get that last one down and had to scramble to fill my glass back up with water while I tried not to choke!

That’s why I can’t wait to check out VitaMelts™ by Nature Made. Since they dissolve in your mouth, no water is needed to get them down. VitaMelts also come in great tasting natural flavors like Juicy Orange, Mixed Berry, Creamy Vanilla, Honey Lemon, and Green Tea Mint. They’ve also created a variety of VitaMelts designed especially for your needs like Vitamin D, Energy, Relax, Vitamin C, Sleep,and Zinc, and all come in convenient single serving packs.

Best ways to take your vitamins

When I suggest that you don’t need to drink water to take VitaMelts, that’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t drink water before or after taking them. In fact, to get the most bang for your health buck, make sure to take your supplement along with a meal (unless directed otherwise). If you take your vitamins on an empty stomach, they won’t be properly digested. Instead, the nutrients you get from the vitamins will be expelled in your urine without leaving any health benefits behind.

The Mayo Clinic advises that you read the product label to make sure you’re taking the right amount. For example, sometimes I need to take two vitamins to get the right amount. Also make sure to check expiration dates since supplements can lose potency over time. If your bottle has expired, toss it!

Store your vitamins in a cool, dark place. Also, I find taking them in the morning with breakfast is best. If I take them with dinner, I have insomnia and can’t get to sleep.

Taking care of your health is easy with Nature Made VitaMelts

More about Nature Made VitaMelts

Nature MadeNature Made® VitaMelts™ are a new "one of a kind,” enjoyable way to take your vitamins because they melt in your mouth and taste great. Discover how new Nature Made® VitaMelts™ can transform your vitamin taking experience by making it enjoyable. Visit us at NatureMade.com/VitaMelts to learn more.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nature Made via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nature Made.

Committing to good health on National Vitamin Day


After our move to Georgia, I put my health on the backburner. I was too busy trying to keep up with the day-to-day efforts of adjusting to a new place, from unpacking to signing up the kids for school. Then this fall, I had rotator cuff surgery and struggled just to keep up with work, chores around the house, and trips to the physical therapist. Followed by a busy holiday season and getting our new dog, Nellie, I let even more stuff healthy related stuff slide. That’s why when New Year’s resolution time came around, one of my top five things to do for my health was to start taking vitamins again.

I’ve been taking vitamin supplements since I was a child. My dad was a big believer in supplements, and so am I. And now that I’ve been taking my supplements again, I feel more energetic and ready to take on the stresses of the day – and my “wagon ain’t dragging” at the end of the day. I also feel that’s why my household is faring a lot better than other families when it comes to colds and flu because taking vitamins helps keep us healthy and strengthens our immune systems.

Take the healthy pledge!

Since today’s National Vitamin Day, how about joining me in taking a healthy pledge for 2013 and committing to taking a supplement ? Now I know you’re probably saying that taking vitamins are such a pain. I know they are, since I take so many and some are HUGE and hard to swallow. I often have to drink two large glasses of water just to get them all down.

Nature Made VitaMelts

Luckily, my favorite supplement brand, Nature Made, has recently come out with VitaMeltsthat can make taking your vitamin supplements a more enjoyable experience. VitaMelts are vitamins that dissolve in your mouth. They come in great tasting natural flavors like Juicy Orange, Mixed Berry, Creamy Vanilla, Honey Lemon, and Green Tea Mint. You don’t need any water to take them. Plus, they’re perfect to take to work or when you’re traveling as they come in small, portable packages.  Next time you’re at the grocery store, check them out in the vitamin aisle!

Nature Made VitaMelts

Nature MadeNature Made® VitaMelts™ are a new "one of a kind,” enjoyable way to take your vitamins because they melt in your mouth and taste great. Discover how new Nature Made® VitaMelts™ can transform your vitamin taking experience by making it enjoyable. Visit us on NatureMade.com/VitaMelts to get a coupon.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nature Made via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nature Made.

Got a funny tummy? Try taking a probiotic


I’m a huge believer in probiotics for digestive health. Since I can no longer have yogurt, a natural source of probiotics, due to my whey food sensitivity, I’ve been taking probiotics on a daily basis. Just a few years ago you had to refrigerate your probiotics and often you could only get them in powder or liquid form. Luckily there are now several good shelf stable probiotics, like Provella, that don’t need to be refrigerated and don’t require a special trip to the health food store.

Provella is designed especially for women to supplement their natural, native flora in their bodies. Your flora balance can be off balance due to changes in hormones, taking antibiotics, using spermicides, or because of a poor diet. However, Provella not only promotes digestive health, it also helps with feminine and immune health.* It contains proprietary blend of six  bacterial strains chosen specifically for maximum benefit to women, though men can take it, too.

The strains included are:

  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus plantarum
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus fermentum
  • Lactobacillus reuteri
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum

The problem with taking a probiotic supplement is that as few as 20%-40% of probiotic bacteria survive passage through the gut because they’re killed off by stomach acid. However, Provella uses a controlled-release technology that helps protect good bacteria since it’s designed to ensure that live organisms reach the intestines. You can take Provella once a day by mouth with or without food. Since supplemental good bacteria may not stay in your system long, it’s important to take Provella every day, too.

I usually take Provella at breakfast along with the rest of the supplements I use. After trying it out for nearly a month, I didn’t notice any changes – good or bad – probably because I was already taking a probiotic. Even so, I feel that taking probiotics should be part of your daily health regimen, especially if you don’t eat yogurt or other foods that naturally contain probiotics. Provella is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. However, it does contains trace amounts of milk.

Provella is stocked behind the pharmacy counter, but you do not need a prescription to purchase it. Use this $6 off Provella coupon when you check out. You can also get Provella at Drugstore.com.

Learn more about Provella

Disclosure: I participated in a campaign on behalf of
Mom Central Consulting for Provella. I received product samples to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Juicing with Centrum ProNutrients Probiotics {giveaway} #NutritionPossible

Centrum ProNutrientsI know for many of you, taking nutritional supplements was on your New Year’s healthy resolutions list. How’s it going? Are you confused by all the vitamin and supplement choices out there? Well, Centrum has come up with a Nutrition Possible Assessment to help you determine your individual nutritional supplement needs.

I’m always on the lookout for new nutritional supplements that fit my individual needs. That’s why I was excited to try out ProNutrients, Centrum’s new line of dietary supplements that are formulated to work with a multivitamin. 

The line includes Omega-3, Probiotic, and Fruit & Veggie - three supplements that support health and well-being.  Each supplement is backed by the nutritional expertise of Centrum, which identifies the right ingredients to your nutrition to the next level.

I was very happy to see that they’re offering a fruit and veggie supplement. I was taking something similar that was very expensive, so now I have a more affordable alternative. Recently, I saved even more money by using Centrum coupons from the last two weeks of Sunday newspapers and going to the ProNutrients Facebook page for a $5 off coupon. Many stores like Walgreens and Kroger have Centrum ProNutrients on sale this month, so take advantage and stock up like I did!

Or you can win a sample bottle of Centrum ProNutrients – see the bottom of this post!

Juicing with ProNutrients Probiotics

As part of my Centrum ProNutrients review , they sent me a juicer to create a few smoothies to use with their ProNutrients Probiotic. Centrum’s probiotic comes in powder form so you can add it to cool foods and drinks.

This is such a great way to “sneak” some probiotics into your children’s diets, especially if they don’t like taking pills. Plus, fresh fruit juices and smoothies are great ways to get more fruits and veggies into you and your family's diet. Just make sure to use organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible.

My kids really enjoyed my take on the classic Green Monster smoothie juice drink. They couldn’t taste the probiotics, the apples naturally sweetened it, and the kids enjoyed the frothiness, too. 

Fennel & Kale Green Monster with Probiotics Fennel & Kale Green Monster with Probiotics
Fennel & Kale Green Monster with Probiotics Fennel & Kale Green Monster with Probiotics

Fennel & Kale Green Monster with Probiotics

Makes two 8 ounce drinks


  • 3 stalks celery
  • 1/2 bulb fennel
  • 3 small apples
  • 1 sprig fresh tarragon
  • 3 stalks kale
  • 2 packets Centrum ProNutrients Probiotics


  1. Wash all ingredients thoroughly in cool water.
  2. Cut apples if needed. It’s not necessary to peel them!
  3. Combine all ingredients in your juicer and follow manufacturers directions to make juice.
  4. Add probiotic powder directly to the juice container and whisk until frothy.
  5. Pour juice into 8 ounces glasses and serve immediately.

Don't forget that you can save any of the recipes you see here at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet to an online recipe box by clicking the Save Recipe button below.

Win a bottle of Centrum ProNutrients

I’m giving away ONE Centrum ProNutrients product of your choice:

  • ProNutrients™ Omega-3, 50-unit package ($12.99 value) OR
  • ProNutrients™ Fruit & Veggie 50-unit package ($11.99 value) OR
  • ProNutrients™ Probiotic 14-unit package ($18.99 value)

Giveaway closed. Congrats to Denise S.!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Tell me which Centrum ProNutrients product you’re interested in trying out.
  2. Take the Centrum Nutrition Possible Assessment to create a nutrition plan and get up to $10 in Centrum coupons for ONE additional entry.
  3. Sign up for This Mama Cooks! Review’s RSS feed for ONE additional entry.
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  7. Maximum amount of entries at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet is FIVE.
  8. You have until midnight MST on Friday, January 27, 2012 to enter.

ONE winner will be chosen at random. You must be willing to send me your full name, mailing address and phone number so I pass your info on to Centrum’s PR agency so they can mail you your prize. I’ll announce the winner on this blog. I won't share your mailing info with the public, just your name. If you have a blog, I’ll link back to it when I announce the winner.

The giveaway is valued at $13-19 and is only open to legal residents of the United States, 18 years of age and older. No purchase required. Odds of winning based on number of entries. Up to FIVE entries per person. ONE Centrum ProNutrients product will be given away. Void where prohibited by law. By submitting your name and email address, you agree to receive relevant promotional emails and contest follow up communications from This Mama Cooks! On a Diet in compliance with my privacy policy and giveaway rules.

Official giveaway rules.

Disclosure: I’m participating in a Centrum ProNutrients campaign hosted by One2One Network. I received nutritional product, a juicer and compensation. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum ProNutrients as a product or it's effectiveness.

A better me, one vitamin at a time

vitaminsThat morning at my friend Suzanne’s home, I pulled out a baggie of that day’s vitamins and got some curious looks from her two kids. She laughed and explained that when we were kids, every morning she had to wait for me to take my vitamins before we could walk to school together.

Needless to say that I’ve been taking vitamins and supplements just about all my life.

Continuing a tradition

Like most kids growing up in the ‘70s, I took multi-vitamins in the shape of cartoon characters and orange-flavored vitamin C that came in a plastic orange shaped container. But it didn’t stop there.

My dad was a bit of a health nut back in the days when it was hard to find healthy foodstuffs like herbals teas and whole grain flours. He read alternative health magazines and did research on what supplements he thought the family should take from vitamins C and E to oddities like brewer’s yeast.

When I went away to college, I continued my vitamin taking. Frankly, breakfast didn’t seem quite right if I didn’t!

As I’ve gotten older and faced some health issues from food sensitivities to achy knees, my vitamin intake has increased. I’m now more strategic with my choices, like:

  • Nature Made CoQ10 400 mg – For heart health. My husband and I started taking this after he attended a lecture about CoQ10 at a chemistry conference.
  • Nature Made SAM-e Complete 400 mg – when I stared to have pain in my left knee due to arthritis, taking SAM-e helped my joint discomfort.
  • Nature Made Multi For Her – When I heard The Biggest Loser trainer Bob Harper speak at BlogHer this summer, the one supplement he recommended was a gender specific multi-vitamin. Glad I was already taking this!
  • Nature Made Super B-Complex – I need all the energy I can get, and Super B-Complex helps.
  • Nature Made Super Strength Omega-3 EPA - The Omega-3s in fish oil may reduce heart disease risk and helps support a healthy mood, too. I don’t eat as much fish as I should, so taking supplements are the best way I know how to get more Omega-3s into my daily health routine.
  • Nature Made Calcium 500 mg with Vitamin D tablets – A couple of years ago my OB-GYN gave me a handout about the health benefits of calcium and D for women, like reducing the risk of osteoporosis. I was already taking calcium, but I doubled my intake, and started taking Vitamin D, too.
  • Nature Made TripleFlex® Double Strength – My husband and I have knee issues and both take this. It helps – a lot.
  • Nature Made 500 mg Chewable Vitamin C – When I developed tummy issues last fall my gastroenterologist recommended that I take a chewable C vitamin since it was easier to digest.

I also take probiotics, a dried fruits and vegetable supplement, and when I’m sick, a immune boosting supplement made of dried mushroom that was recommended by my doctor.

I truly believe that vitamins and supplements have helped me maintain my health and boosted my energy levels. Now that I’ve faithfully kept up my vitamin regimen, I rarely get coughs or colds – and when I do, I recover a lot faster. Along with my healthy lifestyle, my vitamins also are helping me ward off osteoporosis, cancer and heart disease. Plus, they help my knees and joints feel so much better.

Thanks to Nature Made I’m a better me, one vitamin at a time!

Note: These statements reflect my own experiences and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins.

Nature Made

I love Nature Made supplements because of their quality. Nature Made is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for letter vitamins and fish oil, as determined by the 2011 Pharmacy Times survey.

I also like that they carry supplements and vitamins that are just right for my health needs. To find out what vitamins you should be buying, take their Vitamin Assessment

Finally, Nature Made makes their vitamins even more affordable through their Nature Made Wellness Rewards program. You enter the code on the vitamins you buy and earn coupons and products. I often earn a coupon for $7 off my next purchase and SOYJOY bars. I also look for Buy One Get One sales at my local grocery store or I buy them in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club.

How can Nature Made make a better you?

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Nature Made and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate. Vote for my entry at www.facebook.com/naturemade between 9/20/11 and noon (PT) 9/26/11.

Why I still love Nature Made SAM-e Complete

knee bone 620 My review of Nature Made SAM-e Complete and shared how much better my knee felt after taking it for a month. (My review is a featured SAM-e testimonial on their website.)

Almost two years later, I still take SAM-e Complete – two 400 mg tablets - just about every day. So when Mom Central asked me to participate in a blog review tour in exchange for a three-month supply, I was happy to tell the world why I love SAM-e Complete. Frankly, I would have done it for nothing.

SAM-e Complete - not just for mood aloneNature Made SAM-e Complete

Most people take SAM-e to support brain function and a healthy mood. Personally, I like it for my various aches and pains. According to Nature Made’s SAM-e.com website,

“Clinical studies support the use and efficacy of SAM-e for maintaining joint flexibility and fluidity. For joint health, SAM-e supports sulfate groups’ incorporation into proteoglycans, which help maintain cartilage and protect joints. Cysteine and glutathione (GSH) are by-products of this process and have potent reducing properties. Additionally, SAM-e’s action in the aminopropylation pathway induces polyamine production, which is essential to cell and tissue growth, and may protect proteoglycans and reduce inflammation and pain.”

This is where I’ve benefitted from using SAM-e. I find that if my knees or back starts hurting, it’s because I’ve forgotten to take my SAM-e for a few days. The less achy I feel, the better my mood is. So maybe the healthy mood claim applies to me as well.

Remember, I’m not a health professional and am just sharing my personal story about why I benefit from taking SAM-e. Not everyone will have the same reaction to SAM-e that I have. To learn more about Nature Made SAM-e, go to their website, check out their Q&A, and stop by their Good Mood blog. If you’re a health professional, check out their Healthcare Professionals Section.

A drawback of SAM-e complete – convenience

SAM-e should be taken on an empty stomach to help it absorb, which can be inconvenient if you're used to taking your supplements and vitamins with food. Some strategies I’ve come up with to help me take my SAM-e include:

  • Put your SAM-e tablet(s) by the bathroom sink or on the kitchen table before you go to bed. That way you’ll take them first thing in the morning. If you have small children who might accidentally ingest them, put the tablets in a childproof bottle or container.
  • Keep a foil pack of SAM-e tablets in your purse, backpack, briefcase or gym bag. That way when you’re out and about – and remember that you forgot to take them – you’ll have your SAM-e with you.
  • I like to leave a box of SAM-e on my desk. That way I’m reminded to take them between my breakfast and lunch if I forgot to take them first thing.

But SAM-e is so expensive!

A box of SAM-e isn’t cheap. According to Amazon, the list price for a box of 400 mg SAM-e Complete (36 tablets) is $42.11. They sell it $32.99 or about 92 cents a tablet. You can also check to see if your favorite warehouse club sells them. The price is usually better than you’d pay at the supermarket or at a discount retailer like Target or WalMart.

Another money saving strategy is to use a SAM-e coupon to save $3 on your next purchase. Occasionally you’ll find Nature Made coupons in your Sunday newspaper flier, too. I use coupons when my local grocery or drugstore has 50% off or BOGO (buy one, get one) sales to get the maximum bang for my buck.

I also belong to Nature Made’s Wellness Rewards program. You can bank the Wellness Rewards code found on Nature Made bottles and packages, and earn rewards including coupons worth up to $7 off Nature Made products, exercise DVDs, SOYJOY bars and more. It’s worth signing up for if you use a lot of Nature Made supplements.

Try SAM-e for free

I hope I’ve convinced you to check out SAM-e for mood or joint health. You can also try it risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied that SAM-e works for you, Nature Made will refund your purchase price.

See you in the vitamin aisle at the supermarket!

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time in writing this review. Also, Nature Made’s sister company, SOYJOY, was my sponsor at BlogHer 2010 and BlogWorld Expo 2009.