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This is my blog and I set my own rules and ethics policies – not the PR firms I work with or my clients. I believe in full disclose. I blog with integrity, and let my readers know that it's a paid post, if I got a free sample or if I'm acting as a spokesperson or brand ambassador.

  1. If you don't like sponsored postings/reviews, would never do it at your blog or don't read blogs that have it, that's fine with me because it's your right to choose what blogs you give your readership to.
  2. While I have a degree in journalism, my degree's emphasis was advertising and public relations with a minor in marketing. I help people and companies with marketing communications with my freelance writing and social media expertise. Bottom line, I'm pro marketing and feel that being paid to post to create Internet buzz for a client, company or product is what I've been trained to do. That's why I'm comfortable doing sponsored posting and working with brands on my blogs , even though they're on my personal sites.
  3. As far as journalistic integrity goes, newspapers and magazines run print and online advertising with the goal of making money. If you don't think their advertisers influence their editorial, see this article at - Mom Sells Out.
  4. Paid posting, like blogging, is an income source for WAHMs like me. It’s also a source of income for many stay at home parents, those taking care of an elderly or sick relative, those who cannot work a regular job due to illness or a disability, or furloughed or laid off workers. In tough economic times, people may need free samples or sponsored posts to make ends meet. I support this.

My sponsored posting and product reviewing policies

  1. My paid posts are disclosed. If you do not want your paid review labeled as paid don't even bother asking me to write it.
  2. If I am given a stipend in addition to be given a sample, I will disclose this.
  3. If I get a freebie sample, it will be disclosed.
  4. All affiliate links where there is a possibility that I may make a commission are disclosed.
  5. I say no to a lot of review offers and usually accept items that I’m curious about or already like.
  6. I won't take sponsored posts from companies that I feel are dishonest or that are selling something I don't believe in. That's why you don't see any reviews of online casinos or fast cash businesses on my blogs.
  7. Just because I'm paid doesn't mean that the post will be positive. I believe in writing constructive criticism, and try to point out the good and bad about the product or website I'm asked to review. Don't believe me, then read my review of that pointed out a lot of problems I had with the blog.

What products and services I'm interested in reviewing

  • food related service or business
  • food blog or website publishers
  • weight-loss and fitness equipment sellers and manufacturers
  • healthy nutrition product companies
  • cookbook and food writers and publishers
  • workout video and inspirational diet CD producers
  • cooking/kitchen equipment manufacturers and sellers
  • organic and free trade products producers and sellers
  • health related products such as first aid supplies, supplements, etc.
  • organic skin care and makeup products
  • charities that support health causes (cancer, diabetes, heart, etc.) and hunger relief

Contact me to pitch your product and I'll respond if I'm interested.

Policy in effect as of 1/2/08
Updated 7/18/10