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Why become a This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™ sponsor?

  • Monthly stats: 122,000 unique readers and 175,000 page views per month according to Google Analytics.
  • Demographic information: According to Google, This Mama Cooks! On a Diet's readers are US based. Top 10 states readers come from are: California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, New York, Washington, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio.
  • According to Google, 11% are 18-24 years old, 29% of readers are 25-34 years old, 23% are 35-44 years old, 17% are 45-54, 13% are 55-64 years old, and 3% are 65 years or older. 40% of my readers are millennials.
  • 74% of my readers are female.
  • People who visit This Mama Cooks! On a Diet are interested in cooking, health & fitness, movies, home decor, are TV lovers, shopping, are news junkies, love celebrity gossip, are into travel, are technophiles, are shutterbugs, love team sports and football, and are into cars.

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Who should sponsor This Mama Cooks!?

  • gluten free or allergen free product producers
  • healthy food related services or businesses
  • healthy food blogs or website publishers
  • healthy nutrition product companies
  • vitamin and supplement companies
  • cooking/kitchen equipment manufacturers and sellers
  • organic and non-GMO food products producers and sellers
  • alternative sweetener manufacturers of products like coconut sugars, agave, and natural zero calorie sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit
  • healthy dog food and pet product companies
  • skin care product producers
  • family travel providers and destinations

Blog Giveaways

Running a giveaway at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet™

Cost: $400

What you get:

  • One giveaway post using Rafflecopter with up to three "no follow" links to your site
  • Full disclosure required per FTC guidelines
  • Posting the giveaway on the This Mama Cooks! Facebook page, the @amnichols Twitter page, Google+, and at various online sweepstakes sites
  • Running the giveaway for a week (additional time can be negotiated)
  • Picking and notifying the winner
  • Passing on the winner’s mailing information to you
  • Note: you need to do the prize fulfillment, i.e., you ship the prize to the winner(s)

How to order: Contact me to place an order.

Payment: You can pay via PayPal.

Social Media Consulting

1. Hire me to write for your blog or website

Cost: Depends on the editorial assignment - length/word count, subject matter, deadline, cross promotion, social media promotion, etc.

Benefits: I bring my writing skills, readership and influence to your site and can write on a variety of topics from parenting to health to travel.

How: Contact me to discuss.

2. Hire me to run and grow your social channels – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Cost: Depends on the scope of the project and the duties I'd need to perform.

Benefits: I bring my social media skills and experience building and growing my own social channels.

How: Contact me to discuss.

3. Hire me as a brand ambassador or a spokesperson

Benefits: Here's what I bring to your brand:

  • my blog traffic numbers and community
  • my influence and reputation in the mom, food and healthy lifestyle communities
  • my ties to the food blogging, healthy lifestyle, and parent blogging communities
  • my professional writing, marketing and social media experience
  • the awards and professional recognition I've received for my blogging
  • the quality of my writing and photography
  • being an influencer on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram

Cost: Depends on length of time of the campaign or project and the duties I'd need to perform.

How: Contact me to discuss.

4. Blogger outreach

Benefits: I can help you reach mom, frugal, green, pet, food and healthy lifestyle bloggers to create buzz for your product or service online via social media platforms such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and more.

Cost: Depends on length of time of the campaign or project and the duties I'd need to perform.

How: Contact me to discuss.

5. Twitter parties and chats

Benefits: I can help you reach moms, dads, millennials, and other consumers who are into cooking, organic food, gourmet food, travel, pets, living a healthy lifestyle, and more. I can also help you reach the gluten free and allergy communities.

Here's what I can do for you:

  • Work with you on messaging, timing, and to create a unique hashtag
  • Promote the event on Twitter and Facebook 
  • Personally invite my online communities to participate in the event
  • Create a promotional post at thismamacooks.com a week before the event
  • Work with you to create a script (questions, tips, giveaway promotion, etc.)
  • Create images to tweet during the party and before during promotional efforts.
  • Provide a report from Twitter analytics and Hashtracking.com after the event

Cost: Depends on the scope of the project and the duties I'd need to perform.

How: Contact me to discuss.

Updated 2/08/2017