How I like my Diet Coke #DietCokeTime #wordlesswednesday #sponsored

Diet Coke and prune juice

When you’re taking certain medications, you can get “blocked up” if you know what I mean. Since prune juice is way too sweet, I invented a prune juice and Diet Coke mocktail to cut down the sweetness and add a little carbonation to the drink. It’s about 1/3 a pint glass of prune juice and a whole can of Diet Coke. Plus, I’ve been told that the caffeine in a drink like Diet Coke helps certain medications work better. I know that it helps me when I get an upset tummy or when I have a headache.

If you’re a Star Trek: Next Generation fan, you know that Worf, who’s Klingon, calls prune juice  “a warrior’s drink.” Well, think of this as a warrior on a diet drink. Even Klingons have to keep at their fighting weight!

12 thoughts on “How I like my Diet Coke #DietCokeTime #wordlesswednesday #sponsored

  1. BalancingMama (Julie)

    Smart idea! I have a family member who has to eat a couple prunes each day, I will tell her this idea. She drinks Diet Coke quite a bit too!

  2. Mimi

    I am one in a million because I actually like prune juice and dried plums! However I do love soda as bad as I know it is for me the carbonation really has me addicted. I may throw a little sprite in mine to see!


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