Recipe inspiration from the Avocados from Mexico Community #iloveavocados #MC

Avocado Toast from Avocados from Mexico #iloveavocados

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Avocados from Mexico. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

If I had to pick a food that’s a favorite with everyone in my family, I’d have to say it’s avocados. When my husband and I cook, we include avocados in everything from carne asada tacos to scrambled eggs to soups. Here are a few of our favorite avocado based recipes:

My kids’ favorites are guacamole and Avocado Toast, both of which they can make on their own. Personally, I love nothing better than eating an avocado with a demitasse spoon straight out of the skin. The only thing I use on it is a little garlic salt – so good!

*Avocadoes from Mexico recipes.

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As you can see, I feature a lot of recipes from the Avocados from Mexico website. I found it a go to source for everything avocado, from nutrition to recipes. However, what I’m really enjoying these days is the Avocados from Mexico Community. The community contains great ideas for party dishes Avocado Ceviche and Salpicón de camarones y aguacate, a kind of avocado and shrimp layered appetizer. By joining the Avocados from Mexico Community, you can add the recipes to your favorites, print them out, and add them to a virtual shopping list. You can also share the recipes on your favorite social media sites.

Avocados from Mexico Community recipe

After registering for the Avocados from Mexico Community here, make sure to update your account. Click on the Community tab, then click on My Account. You can change your name, add your picture, sign up for the Avocados from Mexico newsletter, and more. If you’re a blogger, you may want to click on the Apply to be an avocado blogger tab, too!

Avocados from Mexico Community

After setting up your account, click on the Fun Downloads tab to access ringtones, wallpapers, screen savors, blogger badges, and more. Then check out the Chef's Corner to browse some professional chef's recipes. That’s where you’ll find several from Top Chef Masters winner, Rick Bayless! Finally, don’t forget to check out the Avocados from Mexico Community Blog for the recipes and fabulous photos.

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