Wordless Wednesday: Pikes Place Market #WW #WindowsChampions

Wordless Wednesday: Pikes Peak Market Place #WW

Last week, the folks from Microsoft took us Windows Champion bloggers to Pikes Place Market in Seattle to take pictures with the Samsung ATIV Odyssey™ (Verizon) Windows® Phone. The Pikes Place Market is just as wonderful as everyone says it is. I could have spent the whole day there eating, touring the food stalls, shopping, and taking pictures. My husband, Paul, would have been all over the seafood, cheese and mushrooms! I nearly fell over to find that several produce vendors were selling ramps that I had been looking for in Athens, Georgia. If only I could have figured out a way to take them home!

For you camera phone nerds, the Samsung ATIV Odyssey™ (Verizon) Windows® Phone has a rear-facing camera, and a 5.0 megapixel AF with LED flash. I was impressed with the camera phone’s picture quality and how easy it was to take pictures with once I got used to the Windows 8 touchscreen interface.

24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pikes Place Market #WW #WindowsChampions

  1. Angie

    Looks like you got some pretty nice pics out of that phone. I’ve trying to decide whether I should stick with android or go to the windows phone when I upgrade. Windows seems to be winning so far.

  2. Marina

    Well that’s an awesome place to take pictures. I can imagine the number of shots you have stored in your phone!


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