Sponsored video: a clean home is a fun (and safe) home!

Seventh Generation: a clean home is a fun (and safe) home!This post is sponsored by Seventh Generation.

I’m a big fan of Seventh Generation and have been using their laundry products for several years now. I feel good about using any of their cleaning products since I know that they’re environmentally safe and free of harmful chemicals. I also like that they have “free and clear” versions that don’t use perfumes and dyes. (We used them for a while when my daughter’s eczema was bad.) However, my favorite is anything that Seventh Generation makes with lavender, like their dish washing soap and laundry cleaning products. They’re so lovely smelling that it almost makes me want to wash the dishes and laundry, like these folks are doing!

However, I never thought of cleaning products could have VOCs (volatile organic compounds). I knew this was a problem with paint and always had my painter use low or no-VOC products. So when I learned that Seventh Generation’s All Purpose Cleaner is free of harsh solvents that prevent more volatile organic compounds from polluting the air it got me thinking about the fumes from the cleaning products I’ve been using around the house.

You see, I had to give away most of my green cleaning products when we moved from Colorado to Georgia since the movers wouldn’t take them. When we moved into our house, it wasn’t very clean, so I had to buy some pretty harsh cleansers to remove stains, mold and other gunk like wax buildup from surfaces, floors and carpets all over the house. However, now that our house is “normal dirty,” you know, normal every day dirty from the kids and the dog and me making a mess when I cook, I really should start using products like Seventh Generation again for the health and wellness of my family and pet.

I’m not concerned that Seventh Generation won’t do a good job. In fact, surfaces will be so clean that you can eat off them as illustrated in this video!

What green cleaning products do you use at home?

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