Organize your online shopping with Sweet Relish

Organize your online shopping with Sweet Relish

If you’re like me and love to shop online, you probably have wish lists on your favorite shopping sites. I certainly do on Amazon and list everything from books I want to read, to kitchenware I’m lusting over, to photography equipment I need for my food blogging.

Much of the time, I use these lists to organize what I’ll be buying for my family during the holidays. Unfortunately, my children have access to my Amazon account since they both have Kindles. (I keep the kids on my account so I can track what apps they’re downloading and what free movies and books they’re accessing.) My husband also uses my Amazon account so he can take advantage of my Prime membership and the free two-day shipping – even when he’s buying presents for me! Since my Amazon wish lists aren’t very private, I was interested in trying out Sweet Relish, a fun way to organize online shopping.

Connects you to the source: If you love sites like Pinterest where you can “pin” items you’re planning to buy, whether its birthday presents or things you need to buy for a home remodel, you may want to consider using Sweet Relish instead. Why? Because you’re putting things in your lists that are linked directly to the merchant’s site. On Pinterest, sometimes things you pin can lead to a blog or website and not the place where you can find out more info about the product and how order it.

As private as you want it to be: Second, your kids and spouse won’t know what you’re up to! That makes Sweet Relish a great place to plan what you need to buy for holidays, birthdays, parties, anniversary and grad gifts, and so on. However, there are social sharing buttons on Sweet Relish, so it’s up to you to keep quiet about your lists or not. Also, the lists are public on your profile when you first create them. If you want to keep them private, you’ll need to change the setting. (You can change a private list back to public anytime.)

Some of my lists on Sweet Relish

Simple and quick to use: Third, it’s even easier to use that Pinterest. Really! After signing up for an account, download the Sweet Relish button into your interest browser. When you’re online and see something you’d love to buy, you click on the Sweet Relish button (they call it a “scrapping tool”) and save it to a list on your account.

I like that you can add new lists “on the fly,” add notes to your selection, and even share it on Facebook with your friends or add a few comments – all in one step. With my flakey internet connection, I also find that it loads and saves much quicker than Pinterest. Also, when you save the item, Sweet Relish saves information on the product such as a description, photo, price, brand/retailer name, and the URL where the product can be found. When you’re ready to purchase, click on the item in your list and then click on the BUY button to go directly to the merchant’s website.

How to add Sweet Relish to your browser

Inspiration: Finally, you can use Sweet Relish to help you find cool, new products. For example, as I was writing this post, Sweet Relish was featuring a Valentine’s Day Wish List by Monica V. She was featuring some terrific items that anyone would love to get from their sweetie like the Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System or a Surface With Windows RT. I could see telling your significant other about a Sweet Relish member’s wish list and saying, “I really like so-and-so’s style. Get me something on her Sweet Relish list.” You can also grab something from their list and save it to one of yours – or tweet, pin, email or share it on Facebook. Finally, you can search directly on the Sweet Relish website to see if someone else has saved something you’re trying to find, like a set of soup bowls or cool boots.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Sweet Relish. I was provided product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

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