Are you ready for the Top Chef season finale? #TopChef

Are you ready for the Top Chef season finale? #TopChefI’m a little sad that Top Chef Season 10 is winding down with only two episodes – Finale Part 1 and 2 – left. I’ve really enjoyed this season because there’s been very little game playing and drama, and lots of great cooking by a very nice group of talented chefs. Plus, the settings in Seattle and Alaska have been wonderful! I’ve also enjoyed watching Last Chance Kitchen online, attending the #TopChef chats on Twitter, and reading the judges’ blog posts.

The winners are…

I was glad to see Sheldon win. He’s been a favorite of mine especially since he cooks Hawaiian and Philippian style food. I love how he brings out where he lives as well as how he grew up into his food. However, I was thrilled that Brooke made the finale. All this season I’ve been rooting for the women cheftestants, especially Lizzie, Brooke and Kristen. I especially like Brooke because she seems down to earth, knowledgeable, sweet, and extremely talented.

Here’s a peek into tonight’s episode:


Also, we don’t know who the final winner of Last Chance Kitchen is yet. So we don’t know who else will be competing in the Season 10 Top Chef finale.

Do you think the winner is Kristen or Lizzie? While I like both women, I’m guessing it may be Lizzie. What do you think?

My favorite highlights from Season 10

  • I nearly fell off my chair in Episode 5 when no one won! It was the episode when all the cheftestants were given unusual ingredients from Pike Place Market vendors. Tom reminded me of a disappointed father when he told them that their dishes were terrible.
  • Episode 9 was fun because everyone was assigned dishes from previous seasons. We found out that you never ever want to cook risotto on Top Chef. If you do, you’ll be eliminated.
  • I was glad when Josie and John were eliminated. Boy were they obnoxious! In fact, I thought Josie should have been eliminated in Episode 4 when they recreated the 1950s menu at Canlis. She sucked then and I think they kept her on just for the drama factor.
  • Season 10 showed that Top Chef has a sense of humor. The cheftestants cooked for roller derby queens, and got stuck in the mud when they dug up clams on the beach. In Episode 7, the entire kitchen was wrapped in foil from spices to meat and the cheftestants had to guess what was what –  and then cooked it up.
  • The judges were funny, too, especially Hugh Acheson, Emeril and Wolfgang Puck. I was sure that Wolfgang was a few sheets to the wind during Episode 12 when the judges were waiting for the fried chicken to arrive as there was a lot of wine being drunk during that episode. His crack that Top Chef shouldn’t even be called “The Apprentice” because the fried chicken was so bad, was hilarious!
  • I was thrilled to see some of the guest judges like Rick Moonan show up. Rick won Top Chef Masters and has an amazing restaurant in Las Vegas, which I had the pleasure of dining at and meeting him there a few years ago. I was also glad to see Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard visit in Episode 7. I met Stephanie at an event at Quaker Oats and have been to her restaurant, Girl & the Goat, in Chicago.

What were your favorite Season 10 highlights?

Get ready for the finale!

Remember that Part 1 of the Top Chef season finale is TONIGHT, Wednesday, February 20 at 10 PM/9 PM Central on Bravo. Part 2 of the season finale is on Wednesday, February 27 at 10 PM/9 PM Central.

Here’s the teaser from the Top Chef website for Episode 16:

Season 10 comes full circle as the chefs return to Craft in Los Angeles for Part 1 of the season finale. A Last Chance Kitchen winner is crowned and immediately joins the two remaining chefs. Tom puts his restaurant’s reputation on the line as he opens his doors and gives the final three free rein of his kitchen to create their own menus for dinner service. The pressure is on, the stakes have never been higher, and as if the challenge wasn’t hard enough, Tom dons his apron to play expeditor in the kitchen. The two chefs left standing will go head to head in next week’s season finale to determine who will be Top Chef. John Besh and Martin Yan join judges Emeril Lagasse, Hugh Acheson, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.

Who do you think will win? Leave a comment below!

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