Join me for a Top Chef Twitter Chat on Jan 8th at 1 pm ET and #WinTopChefSwag from @BravoTopChef #TopChef

Top Chef Twitter Chat Have you been watching Top Chef Season 10? It’s one of my favorite shows, even more so because two of my favorite celebrity chefs – Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson – have been judges this season. Plus, Top Chef has been highlighting Seattle, a terrific and beautiful food town.

To help you decide who gets another chance to be crowned Top Chef, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hosting the First Top Chef Twitter Chat of 2013! The chat will be on Tuesday, January 8th at 1 pm ET. You can follow me at @amnichols and follow the chat by searching on the #TopChef hashtag. @BravoTopChef will be joining us as well and we’ll  be giving away away two Top Chef goodies – an apron and a cookbook.

Top Chef airs every Wednesday at 10/9c on Bravo, November 7, 2012 to March 6, 2013. (Click here for the Top Chef Episode Guide.)

Tweet to save the Chef!

Who Stays? Who Goes? You Decide! In addition to discussing the show, we’ll be chatting about two new Top Chef competitions that YOU can participate in this season:

  • Last Chance Kitchen Competition (LCK) is a digital video series where eliminated cheftestants compete against each other for a chance to get back in the Top Chef Season 10 finale. The webisodes air on Wednesdays at 11:01 pm.
  • With the Save a Chef Competition (SAC), fans can save one of their favorite cheftestants who has been eliminated from the show and LCK. A head to head weekly Twitter vote will feature the most recently eliminated chef from Last Chance Kitchen versus the previous week’s highest vote earner. 

This week’s chefs who are up for elimination are Chef Kuniko (#savechefkuniko) and Chef John (#savechefjohn). Hope you’ll join us and let use know who’ll you be voting for by tweeting their hashtag!

Tweet to win!

Anyone who tweets this before the chat is eligible to win some Top Chef swag – a Top Chef apron or cookbook: Join @amnichols + @BravoTopChef for the SAC Twitter chat on Tues. Jan 8th at 1pm EST. #TopChef #winTopChefswag

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