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What's the right portion size?

I get a lot of pitches for weight loss, diet and exercise programs all the time – most are a waste of time or the same old thing. However, when I was introduced to Lifesize portions and received their product, I knew that the creators  had developed a way to make controlling food portions so much easier. Lifesize took the idea of portion control and ran with it in a brand new way making it the first weight loss program entirely based on portion control and not on eating certain foods.

“The secret to our system is that we designed the perfect portions for ALL the foods we love to eat,” says Lifesize co-creator, Myles Berkowitz. “The Lifesize portions are big enough to leave people satisfied so they don’t walk around feeling hungry, but they are small enough so that people will lose weight.”

Lifesize portions are different from, and most times bigger than, the portion sizes recommended by many diet experts. The portions were created by Hollywood trainer (and Lifesize co-founder) Steven Kates, based on 20 years of observing the amounts of food people without weight problems ate. He found that how they stayed thin was that they ate whatever they wanted but simply ate less of it. Steven then created food portions that were practical that people can live with for life. His Lifesize portions are the same for men and women.

Does it work?

While I’ve reviewed the materials that come with Lifesize and feel that the product is good quality and the advice sound, I haven’t tried using it yet. Frankly, I’ve been too busy dealing with my recent shoulder surgery and trying to keep up with family and work. However, I’m planning to use it after the holidays since it seems perfect for me as I have issues with eating large food portions, even though I eat healthy foods. I love using a system that gives you guidelines and helps you visualize proper portion control, so I feel that I’d be successful using Myles and Steven’s product and plan.

Also I liked that a recent study done on Lifesize at Colorado State University proved that Lifesize food portions program works.  The study found that even if a person ate whatever he or she wanted, and ate unlimited FREE FOODS (i.e., fruits and vegetables) allowed on the program, following the portion guide, they cut between 400-500 calories a day from their diet and also decreased the amount of food they ate during the day.  In addition to losing weight, the study participants found they lost a significant amount of inches from their waist, hips, thighs, and arms. Makes sense, right?

Lifesize portions

How does Lifesize portions work?

The  5-Step Lifesize Program teaches you how to portion their food at home or when you’re out and about, and at any meal on any day. Specifically the program focuses on:

  • How to portion all your food at home and on the fly
  • How many times to eat in a day
  • How many Lifesize portions to eat in a meal
  • How many Lifesize portions to eat in a day
  • How to handle different meals like a Sunday brunch or a business dinner
  • How to exercise
  • How to use water, snacks and FREE FOODS to stay on track

To view videos, to learn more about the Lifesize system, and to read the founders’ stories, go to their website at

Win a Lifesize portions weight loss program

Currently Lifesize is available for purchase online at for $79.99, plus shipping and handling. However, I’m giving ONE Lifesize portions weight loss program to a lucky reader.

Giveaway closed. Congrats to Beth P!

Here’s how to win a Lifesize portions weight loss program:

  1. Comment below on why you’d like to try out Lifesize portions. Do you want to eat in a healthier way? Are you losing weight for a special occasion? OR????
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  8. You have until  midnight on Monday, November 26, 2012 to enter.

ONE winner will be chosen at random. You must be willing to send me your full name and mailing address so I pass your info on to Lifesize’s PR people. I’ll announce the winner on this blog. I won’t share your mailing info with the public, just your name. If you have a blog, I’ll link back to it when I announce the winner.

The giveaway is valued at $79.99 and is only open to legal residents of the United States, 18 years of age and older. No purchase required. Odds of winning based on number of entries. Up to FIVE entries per person. ONE Lifesize portions weight loss program will be given away. Void where prohibited by law.

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Disclosure: I was given a Lifesize portions weight loss program to facilitate this review and giveaway. All opinions and experiences are my own.

39 thoughts on “Lifesize portions weight loss program give away

  1. Beth Palacios

    I’ve done weight watchers and been successful, but I gained it back. Now I’m burnt out on weight watchers and would love to try something new! Im a bridesmaid and the wedding is coming up in April. I would love to look my best and feel my best!

  2. Kelley H

    I think this would help me in my journey to a healthier lifestyle and really help me when it comes to handling portions

  3. Karen Gonyea

    I would love this because I know that portion size control is my worst habit !! I always OVEREAT…it’s not necessarily bad food, just WAY too much of it !!

  4. Purlynne

    I have tried Weight Watchers and get tired or trying to figure out points for everything. This seems like a good program that would be easy to follow. Would love to try it!

  5. Judy

    The Lifesize portion kit looks awesome. I am on the Weight Watchers program and can use all the help I can get to stay on track and get the extra weight off. I would love to win the kit.

  6. Andrea M

    i constantly need help with portions, even when putting food away i just cannot tell how big or how small of tupperware I might need. So hard! This would be so helpful in eating well and eating right amounts which is such a struggle. And i’m sure i’d feel better too!

  7. Debby G.

    I would like the Lifesize portions kit to help me in my weight loss journey, and to help my entire family learn proper portion sizes.

  8. Brandi

    I would love to win this giveaway because I always seem to put myself last (very common for us Mommies). Anyway, I am passionate about my kids and their health, and am trying to become like that for myself as well. This would help me on my journey to become a healthier mom and wife, so I’ll be here to take care of my family and watch them grow.

    I already get the newsletter (I tried to sign up again, but it wouldn’t let me)! :)
    I am following you on twitter and Pinterest.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  9. Willie Mithell

    I would love to win this prize. I am 64 and still need to lose 100 pounds which is not easy at my age. This would enable me to work hard on getting healthy and slimmer. Thank you for offering this giveawa!

  10. Deborah Rosen

    I’d like to try out Lifesize portions because I need to lose weight and learn to eat a better way, a way that’ll last, if you know what I mean!

  11. Jillian

    I would love to win these because I still struggle with proper portions after a huge weigh loss. It would be nice to have these great tools to make it a little easier. Thanks!

  12. Amy

    I would like the Lifesize portions kit to aid in my “get healthy” journey. I am on a mission to improve my health and lose the weight that I have struggled with since childhood.
    I did Twitter, Pinterest, newsletter and comment!

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