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mother and daughterOne of the tough things for tweens and teens to keep on top of is hygiene. I know at my house getting my kids to bathe enough is like pulling teeth. Both my son and daughter regularly take showers, but do so reluctantly. I have no idea why, as I love a good hot shower. (It’s just having to deal with my hair afterwards that’s a total pain.)

Bathe regularly

With girls who are menstruating, it’s especially important that they bathe regularly. I’ll never forget the time my friend Sue came over and had to borrow some pads from my mom. After she went home, my mom said she wasn’t surprised that Sue was having her period since she was a little bit stinky. I was really embarrassed for her!

Also, just because your daughter’s having her period doesn’t mean she can’t take a bath. In fact, in my opinion there’s nothing better than a good hot bubble bath for cramps and tummy pain. If she’s concerned about blood that’s gotten into the bath water, have her take a quick shower afterwards to rinse off.

Change regularly

It’s also important to tell your daughter to change her pad or tampon regularly. U by Kotex advises:

On regular (medium) days, you should feel the need to change a pad or tampon with regular absorbency about every four hours. If four hours pass and you find your pad or tampon to still be mostly white, then that’s considered to be a light day, and on these days you might want to switch over to a panty liner or a pad/tampon with light absorbency – especially if you find it hurts to take out your tampon because it’s dry. If you check your product before four hours have passed and you feel like your pad or tampon (or both) needs to be changed sooner, then that’s considered a heavy day, and you would be better off with a super, super plus, or max absorbency pad or tampon. On your heaviest days, you can avoid accidents and overflow by wearing a pad or liner with your tampon, and perhaps you’ll want to sleep in our overnight pads with max protection so you don’t have to worry about staining your sheets.

And no matter how vigilant she is with changing her pad or tampon, leaks will occur. Kotex’s advice is to treat stains by washing out clothing or sheets with cold water as soon as possible. They also say that rubbing salt directly on the stain or presoaking in hydrogen peroxide for 15 to 20 minutes before tossing into a regular load. (I like using a good stain treatment spray, too.) You may also want to go out and buy your daughter a set of dark colored underwear to use when she’s having her period.

Finally, make sure she has a supply of pads or tampons in her purse, gym bag, locker and backpack for those unexpected emergencies. And make sure you stock up at home, too!

My daughter, the grump

My daughter is nowhere near puberty yet, but boy is she moody. The fact of the matter is that moods can swing as hormones fluctuate. As parents, we have to be supportive and positive. But at the same time, we moms can be moody depending on our cycles and if we’re going through the early stages of menopause. You have to realize that sometimes it’s the hormones talking, not either of you. Find time to chill, calm down and apologize if necessary. (Big hugs help, too!) Then find time to do some cool mother-daughter activities like cooking or going to the movies.

For more tips for moms and daughters, check out Kotex Tween and U by Kotex.

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