Improving your safety and financial health with Progressive’s Snapshot

driveI don’t usually talk about car insurance here at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet. But this is a time when improving your health by being a safer driver improves your financial health as well. So bear with me here when I tell you about how I got interested in using Progressive’s Snapshot device. We’ve used Progressive insurance for my husband’s motorcycles for years and switched the cars over to Progressive after our agent at SelectQuote showed we could save hundreds of dollars a year with them.

(Just want to give a shout out to SelectQuote. I originally used them to find life insurance for myself when I became the family’s sole breadwinner. Afterwards, they reviewed my home owners and auto policies and saved us a lot of money. I’ve used them for renters insurance when my husband and I were renting apartments, and they continue to find us good deals on insurance when we moved to Georgia.)



When switching our Progressive insurance to our Georgia address, my SelectQuote agent, Nick, told me about Progressive’s Snapshot program.

How Progressive’s Snapshot works

With Progressive’s patented data collection program, i.e., Snapshot, you plug a small device into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port in their car. The device collects and transmits data to Progressive on
the time of day the car is driven, hard brakes and total mileage. Progressive then factors the data into the customer’s rate calculation. After 30 days, the company can offer the customer a discount of up to 30 percent. Snapshot is now available to policyholders in 42 states and the District of Columbia.

In addition, Progressive has launched a major expansion of Snapshot. Drivers now don’t need to be a current Progressive customer to enroll in a 30-day free trial, during which they can learn whether
their personal driving habits qualify them for additional savings of up to 30 percent off Progressive’s auto insurance rates. They can then compare that price to the rate they currently pay with their existing insurer.
Drivers who test drive Snapshot can track their potential savings on a daily basis during their trial.

Bottom line: your insurance rate is not only based on the model of car you drive and your past history. It’s also based on your current driving habits.

Joleen’s Story



Our Progressive Snapshot results

I’m going to fess up to a bad habit I have – I’m a hard braker. The Snapshot device beeps at you when you do a hard brake, so I’m using that feedback to improve my driving skills and become a safer driver. My hard breaking is probably why I only got a 9% discount on my policy, even though I don’t drive that much. My husband who has a daily commute but isn’t a hard braker, got a 15% discount. I hope when our Progressive policy comes up for renewal, the Snapshot shows that I’ve improved my driving and gives me a better discount.

Disclosure: Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Progressive. I was compensated for my time. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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