Healthing up your Labor Day burgers and fries with Everyday Health’s Recipe Rehab


This week, Chefs Laura Vitale and Jet Tila remake the Stellar family’s favorite burgers and fries. I hope this inspires you to health up your Labor Day grilling party plans. I loved how Chef Jet added seasonings and flavor to his turkey patties and baked the patties in the oven. And adding feta? Wow!

I wasn’t as thrilled that Chef Laura was frying her lean sirloin burgers in a pan. And her food seemed to lack seasoning – just salt and pepper on both the fries and the burger. So it was no surprise that…well, I’m not going to tell you who won. Instead, you can watch Chef Laura and Chef Jet battle it out below. Or watch them individually rehab their burgers and fries – Chef Laura here and Chef Jet here – and decide for yourself.

Picture and video courtesy of Everyday Health.

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