Where do you want to eat tonight? A review of the YP.com app #YPcrave #spon

cali and titos Moving to Athens, Georgia from Colorado has been made a bit easier by finding new restaurants. I’m blown away by the variety of places to eat out here from barbecue and Southern (of course) to Mexican and Vietnamese. There is even Jamaican restaurant here that serves amazing jerk chicken!

As I’ve explored local restaurants, I’ve been looking up reviews on the YP.com  app on my iPhone, which you can download in iTunes or on Google Play. (For other devices, check out the list of app downloads here.) The app has helped me discover new places in whatever neighborhood I’m driving through at that moment. I use their search function to find a list of nearby restaurants or search on types of restaurants, like “barbecue,” that I’m always on the look out for.

You can also use the YP app on your phone to find the cheapest gas available nearby. I don’t use it this way, because I live down the street from the regularly cheapest gas station in the Athens area! However, it would come in handy if I was traveling around the state, however.

iphone screen shots

One of the other neat features of the app is the deals section, which points you deals from local merchants. I find using the YP.com website offers even more deals, so this may be something you want to check out on a regular basis at home or work.

Overall, I’ve found the app very easy to use – from finding new places to adding pictures and entering reviews. Plus, you can go to YP.com to find additional features and even make edits of your reviews if you find a typo or want to add additional information. It’s a very user friendly app for those who like to share their opinions of cool (or not so cool) places around town. Try it out!

Welcome to the South – now eat some Cuban food

One of the biggest surprises was finding a Cuban Style restaurant – Cali-N-Tito’s – here in Athens. (Above is a picture of their Cuban Fried Rice Dish.) You can read my review of the restaurant here. However, I still need to update the YP website with the restaurant’s hours. (I like that they let customers do that.) It’s my little way of giving back to the folks in Athens and promoting some places I really like.

I’ve also done some non-restaurant reviews of places like Trader Joe’s and Model Citizen, my fabulous new salon . You can check out all my reviews here, too!

Do you like to share your opinions about local restaurants and merchants on apps like YP?


Disclosure: Thank you to YP for being a sponsor. Check out the latest YP app or YP.com to find food nearby fast! YP is your local companion for making decisions on everything from where to eat to where to find cheap gas. This post is in conjunction with my relationship with the Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. #YPcrave

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