Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters help create a healthier and sweeter smelling home

smellyWhen we moved into our new home here in humid Georgia, I was concerned about the moldy smell in our basement where my office is. Even though it’s a walk-out basement with plenty of sunshine and big windows, it still had that musty smell. We immediately plugged in air fresheners and used scented candles, but they only masked the smell and didn’t get rid of it.

A few things helped get rid of it such as mopping the floors with a disinfectant and using a LG Dehumdifier. My next step is to replace the basement air conditioning filter with a new Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter

Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters

I’ve always used Filtrete  1” Air Filters in my home air cooling and heating system. I found they helped get rid of dust in the house, which helped with our allergies and cut down on cleaning. The new Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter goes further by removing odors throughout the entire home while improving indoor air quality and helping to reduce airborne allergens such as pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris from the air passing through the filter.filtrete-filter

The Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter features carbon web technology that combines tiny pores of activated carbon with electrostatically charged fibers to help trap odors and gases from the air passing through the
filter. It’s especially good at removing odors from cooking, tobacco smoke, pets, mildew and cleaning chemicals. (I wonder if it helps with smelly kids and husbands? Probably not.)

Also, using a Filtrete Odor Reduction Filter can help maintain airflow in heating and cooling systems, which may help prevent stress on the system and reduce the amount of energy needed to reach desired indoor air temperatures. Other electrostatically charged filters with similar ratings are tightly woven and may restrict airflow in the heating and cooling system. This may cause your cooling and heating system to work harder and run longer.

You can buy Filtrete Odor Reduction Filters are available for around $15 at select home centers, hardware and grocery stores nationwide as well as online on Amazon.. Filtrete and the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends changing your air filter every three months, so you may want to stock up if you find a sale.

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Create a healthier home with this tip from healthy living expert, Lisa Beres

Now that we’re no longer in arid Colorado, one of the things that drives me crazy is our nasty smelling towels. They never seem to dry out and get stinky after only a couple of  showers. Healthy living expert, Building Biologist and author Lisa Beres recommends washing your towels once in hot water with a cup or two of white vinegar. Then wash them again with a natural or eco-friendly laundry detergent. Finally, dry the towels in the dryer on high heat. 

My new LG front loading washing machine has an Allergiene Cycle that also helps with moldy smells as well as common allergens like dust mites.

To avoid mildew and associated smells in the future, Lisa also recommends hanging towels up right away to ensure they dry thoroughly. I put a towel drying rack in the kids’ bathroom, which seems to help. I also have them hang their towels from Y Camp when they come home in the evening even though I send them to camp with a fresh towel every day. I’m just thankful that towel service comes with my husband’s YMCA membership.

How do you keep your house healthy and clean smelling?

Disclosure : I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Filtrete and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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