Let’s chat about food sensitivities on Monday, July 30 8 pm ET #gfcommunity

sneezing-coldDo you have a constant runny nose, migraine headaches, or sore tummy that’s making you wonder if what you’re eating is bad for you? Are you suspecting it’s food sensitivities, allergies or maybe even celiacs disease? Join me, Jo-Lynne of  Musings of a Housewife, Alta of Tasty Eats at Home, Penelope of Penlope's Oasis, and Rachel of finding joy on Monday, July 30 at 8 pm ET (that's TOMORROW) to discuss food sensitivities and how to get tested. We'll be touching on topics like tests for gluten intolerance for celiacs vs. the ALCAT blood test for food sensitivities, as well as food allergies vs. food sensitivities and much more.

We’ll be sharing our experiences, so bring your questions! You can join us in the chat box below or live on the Udi’s Gluten Free community website here.

Disclosure: As a Udi's Gluten Free Community Leader I'm compensated for my time and efforts on their behalf.

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