Get moving – literally – with Russell Athletic wear

Moving-Russell-Athletic-WeaI’m going to fess up that I haven’t attended a Pilates reformer class since the end of March. First there was the trip to Georgia to pick out a house. Then there was the trip to Hawaii with Sea Cuisine. Then it was a month of finishing up school for the kids, getting caught up with work, and packing up our Boulder apartment.

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t been moving – both literally and figuratively. Our movers dropped off our household stuff just over a couple of weeks ago, so my new “moving workout” looks like this:

  • Pick up a heavy box from the kitchen and go down the stairs to the basement. Walk across the entire length of the house and place box into storage closet.
  • Grab a box from the basement, go up two flights of stairs and deposit it in the attic.
  • Pick up laundry from children’s rooms at one end of the house, go down one flight of stairs, and walk to the other end of the house to deposit it in the hamper in the master bedroom. Pick up overly full hamper and walk back to the opposite side of house to back door. Go down outdoor stairs to driveway and put hamper in the back of car to take to the Laundromat. Go back upstairs and grab purse, laundry detergent and dryer sheets and go back down stairs to put into the car.
  • Light workout – walk to upstairs office, grab a handful of books, lunge on to a chair and place books on shelves. (This is an upper and lower body workout.)

Who needs to go to an exercise class when you have a house to unpack? Believe me, it works. My tighter clothes feel much looser these days!

Moving with Russell Athletic wear

Needless to say, I’ve been living in my new Russell Athletic wear nearly the whole time we’ve been unpacking. I’ve rotated between:

along with my exercise gear, jean capris, and regular t-shirts.

I was surprised how much I like Russell Athletic wear compared to my other workout clothes. First, the material is incredibly soft. One night when we couldn’t find her PJs, my daughter, Lucie borrowed my round neck tee to wear as a nightie. Even she noticed how soft the material was compared to regular t-shirts of mine.

I also appreciated the cut of  the Russell Athletic wear. Both tees are high necked, which is great when you’re doing yoga. There’s nothing worse than breathing in the neck of your t-shirt when you’re doing a plank or Down Dog. I also like that the capris are high wasted so you’re not flashing your underwear (or worse!) during a Pilates move.

It’s muggy here in Georgia, but I felt cool due to Russell Athletic’s Dri-Power moisture wicking technology. Also, the clothing is attractive enough to wear outside the gym or just to lounge around comfortably at home after a power walk around the neighborhood.

Finally, Russell Athletic wear launders very well. I was bummed that I got a stain on my Round Neck Tee the week I got it. However, after a couple of washings the stain came out.

For more information about Russel Athletic wear for women, please visit:


Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Russell Athletics and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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