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Ziploc® Perfect Portions™ Bags are the latest innovation from the Ziploc® Brand. They’re used for storing and freezing bulk foods and individual portions of poultry, meat, fish, and more. These are great if you shop the sales and stock up on items like ground meat, chicken breasts, and fish. They’re also much easier – and cheaper – to use than a food vacuum sealer.

Here’s how I use them when wild caught salmon is on sale. I love wild caught salmon because it’s delicious and full of healthy omega-3s! Did you know that buying a whole salmon is usually cheaper per pound than buying it in already cut up steaks? Just tell the person behind the fish counter that you’re interested in buying a whole fish. Then ask them if they’ll cut the fish into steaks for you. You should get the whole fish per pound price, but be sure to ask first.

When you get your salmon steaks home, open the package of fish, grab a Perfect Portions Bag and slip your hand inside the bag. Then grab the salmon steak through the bag, pull the bag over the fish while holding on to it.  Let go of the salmon steak, push the air out of the bag, twist it and then place it (and more wrapped salmon steaks) into a Ziploc® brand Freezer bag. Your hand never touches the raw fish, so you don’t need to worry about clean up or contamination. Plus, using the double bag system also help protect against freezer burn.

Try marinating your fish or meat before placing it in the Perfect Portions Bag. Then all you have to do is defrost and grill it!

Watch Rachael Ray demonstrating how she uses Perfect Portions Bags here.

Ziploc Perfect Portions Bags makes taco night easy

My neighbor likes buying ground beef in bulk during the stock up sales. She browns it and drains any fat by placing the cooked meat in a colander in the sink. (You can rinse cooked ground meat under the faucet to get rid of more fat. Then lay the meat on a paper towel to absorb any water or fat.) She then freezes it to use in later in her favorite recipes.

You can do the same thing with lean ground beef, turkey or chicken. Then weigh out a portion (usually a pound) of already cooked meat to use in spaghetti sauce, chili or taco soup. Just place the cooked ground lean meat in a Perfect Portions™ Bags and freeze for later use. Even better, in many recipes there’s no need to thaw out the meat. Just add it to your recipe while you’re cooking!

If you have taco night at your house, take it a step further and combine the browned meat with your favorite taco seasonings and cook it like you normally do. (Make a double, triple or quadruple sized batch.) Let it cool, then divide into a portion your family would normally eat (a pound or two depending on your family’s size and if you like leftovers). Add the already cooked up taco meat to a Ziploc Perfect Portions Bag and freeze. Then all you have to do is thaw out a bag in the refrigerator the night or morning before.

If you forget to thaw it out, just heat it up in the imicrowave. Ziploc Perfect Portions™ Bags can be used in the microwave on the defrost setting only. Place bag on a microwave safe dish and cook until warm. Do not overheat contents as the bag may melt. Instead, you may want to heat it up just enough to remove it from the bag. Then heat it up to the desired temperature and serve with no fat “refried” beans, grilled fajita veggies, homemade guacamole, fresh salsa, cilantro and corn tortillas.

Ziploc® Brand products are available in grocery, mass merchandise and drug stores nationwide at suggested retail prices ranging from $1.09 to $4.59.

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Disclosure: I have partnered with Ziploc® and am being compensated for my posts. However, my opinions on the product are my own.

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  1. homecookedhealthy

    Great tips Anne-Marie. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be freezing LOTS of healthy foods as trawberries will be coming in soon. I’ll be sharing how to freeze these and all the bounty to enjoy for later. So sad I just used my last bag of frozen blueberries from the summer – sigh.


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