Dining at Udi’s Pizza Café Bar in Olde Town Arvada

Udi’s Pizza Café Bar in Olde Town Arvada - Cashew cheese with fig compote, watercress, pistachios  - This Mama Cooks! On a Diet - thismamacooks.comI’ve now had the pleasure of dining twice at Udi’s Pizza Café Bar in Olde Town Arvada (Colorado). The first time was last December when my husband and I went there on a date. To start, we shared a large roasted beet salad with goat cheese. To drink, I had a gluten Raspberry Ale from New Planet (I prefer their regular ale) and my husband had a couple of beers from Udi’s extensive drinks menu.

We both had pizza. My husband Paul had the ham and cheese pizza with caramelized onions and I had the squash and goat cheese pizza on Udi’s gluten free pizza crust. I really liked that my husband, who isn’t gluten free, didn’t have to have gluten free food just because I was having it. We didn’t have dessert because we were too full – the portions were really filling.

 roasted beet and goat cheese salad  Raspberry New Planet Beer
ham and cheese pizza squash and goat cheese pizza

Udi’s Vegan Supper Club

Most recently my children and I attended Udi’s once a month vegan supper club. First, if you have a nut allergic child like my daughter, Lucie, don’t go to the vegan night. I forgot how much vegan recipes use nuts – a real stellar parenting moment on my part. Luckily, Udi’s waitstaff was extremely accommodating and brought my daughter food that didn’t contain nuts, including a few extra cookies that really won her over. Also, they told me that their gluten free bread is not vegan since it contains eggs, but were happy to supply it since I’m GF.

The dinner consisted of four courses (appetizer, pizza, entree and dessert). You had the option of ordering more of any course except for the dessert. The meal was $24 per person and $5 for kids under 12. The reasonable prices, especially for the kids, explained why the place was packed with families.

In addition, you could also order a four course wine pairing for $18 per person or drinks from Udi’s special cocktail menu. I ordered a virgin Maharaj – a carrot juice drink that also contained ginger, lime, coconut milk and agave. Nathan had a Tennessee Cowboy mocktail, which contained pineapple, orange, cherry and mint juice mocktail. Both were $6 – and delicious.

Winning the kids over one vegan dish at a time

At first, my 11-year-old son, Nathan, was apprehensive about the vegan menu calling it “not real man food.” (Where does he learn this stuff? His father, of course.) He was quickly won over by the cashew cheese with fig compote that he liberally spread on his bread. (The picture of the cashew cheese is at the very top of this post.) He also loved the shitake arancini meatballs with tomato basic sauce – we all did and ordered more.

The kids weren’t too excited by the sage pizza with olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, roasted peppers, and kalamata olives. The flavors were rather strong, and of course, all kids want cheese on their pizza. I thought it was delicious, but I could see their point and wondered why Udi’s didn’t try to incorporate almond, rice or soy cheese with their pizza.

That evening, Udi’s vegan menu also featured several delicious vegetable dishes like the roasted root vegetables with miso “butter” and parsley. (The “butter” was amazing.) I especially enjoyed the roasted broccoli with toasted raisins and caraway seeds because of the addition of a tangy balsamic vinegar reduction. I ate the entire plate by myself since the kids wouldn’t go near it.

Tennessee Cowboy and Maharaj juice drinks image
roasted veggies with miso butter "meatballs" with rice, shiitake, arancini
Roasted broccoli with toasted raisins and caraway seeds vegan cookies and strawberries

To learn more about Udi’s supper club go to the Ud'i’s website and click on Special Events. For reservations and more details email them at vegan@udisfood.com. You can also chat with them on Facebook or Twitter.

Udi's Pizza Cafe Bar in Olde Town Arvada, 7600 Grandview, Arvada, Colorado

Phone: (303) 421-8000

Monday 11am – 3pm 
Tuesday 11am - 9pm or later
Wednesday 11am - 9pm or later 
Thursday 11am - 9pm or later 
Friday 11am - 10pm or later 
Saturday 10am - 10pm or later 
Sunday 10am - 9pm or later

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Disclosure: As a Udi's Gluten Free Community Leader I'm compensated for my time and efforts on their behalf. Also, my meal and my children’s vegan supper club meal were complimentary, but my husband and I paid for our dinner. All opinions are our own.

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