French fries are not vegetables

vegetables Do you think French fries should count as a vegetable when it comes to public school lunches? I don’t and hope you don’t either.

Usually I keep this blog free of politics. After all it’s a healthy recipe food blog, not the Huffington Post. However, when it comes to public school lunch and feeding our kids healthy food, I have to act. All I ask is that you read this, check out the links, and decide on your own if this is something you’d like to support. (Not your thing? I’m cool with that.)

You see, according to Congressman Jared Polis (D – Colorado), Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack wants to raise health standards for public school lunches like limiting sodium and French fries, while pushing fruits and vegetables. Good stuff, right? However, the farm lobby is putting up a fight, claiming that French fries are vegetables.

What’s next? Ketchup is a vegetable, too?

How you can help

If you’d like to thank Secretary Tom Vilsack in his fight to create healthier school lunches, check out and join the Fearless Food Policy campaign. It's an organization that connects grassroots activists – or parents concerned about what goes into their child’s school lunch – with legislators in Congress.

Rethinking our food policy

While you’re on the Fearless Food Policy website, check out Rethinking Our Food Policy. Here’s a taste:

We need a sustainable food system that prioritizes the production of nutritious food, while minimizing the environmental impact, and supporting farmers.

Through the Fearless Campaign we will ask Congress to end the corporate welfare and favoritism. We will advocate for sustainable food production, improve access to nutritious foods and help consumers make smart choices through truth in labeling.

What do you think of the Fearless Food Policy campaign? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below!

One thought on “French fries are not vegetables

  1. Trace

    Crazy… the food system/pyramid (scheme) is out of control. I agree that potatoes are not a vegetable and should be considered a starch/carb for the meal. The other fact is that they are buying their potatoes from farms and then cutting them into french fries, they are most likely buying frozen potato like substances with added chemicals. We all have to involved if the revolution is to be successful.


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