Get The Everything Easy Cleanse Book for only $1.99

fruits This month, Adams Media is offering some of their health and wellness eBook titles for only $1.99! This week’s special is the The Everything Easy Cleanse Book. If you’re interested in doing a cleanse this summer, The Everything Easy Cleanse Book will teach you the ins and outs of healthy cleansing including:

  • How cleanses actually work
  • Different types of cleanses (it's not all lemon juice and pepper!)
  • Which cleanse is right for your lifestyle
  • Tips to be safe and realistic about cleanses and your results
  • Adjusting to eating after your cleanse
  • 75 different cleanse recipes
  • Tips on easing into a post-cleanse diet

Summer’s a great time to do a cleanse with all the fresh vegetables and fruits on sale. And for $1.99, what do you have to lose, but some weight!

Available for $1.99 from June 8th to June 10th ONLY

The Everything Easy Cleanse Book This eBook will be on promotion for $1.99 starting TODAY June 8th to Friday June 10th for Amazon Kindle, B&N NOOK, Sony eReader, or from the Google and Apple iTunes eBookstores.

To view and download the full, discounted copy of The Everything Easy Cleanse Book, please visit:

Amazon Kindle:

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Next week’s yummy new offer will be for The Everything Juicing Book (June 15-17). The week after will be The Everything Mediterranean Diet Book (June 22-24). I’ll post the links when I get them!

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