Lärabars, healthy snacking for when you’re on the go

larabar coconut chocolate This post brought to you by LÄRABAR. All opinions are 100% mine.

Due to my food sensitivities to most things found in snack and meal replacement bars, I've given up trying to find one that will work for me. The gluten free and the milk free ones are usually full of sugar. It';s a shame, because I'd love to find something to keep in my purse or my backpack when I'm traveling and know there will be little or nothing for me to eat while I'm on the go.

Then I discovered LÄRABAR, the original fruit and nut food bar. Cynthia Sass, the author of Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches recommended LÄRABARs in her book, so I had to check them out.

Natural goodness

LÄRABARs built on a foundation of dates to which they add good stuff like nuts and fruit. (I have a slight sensitivity to dates, but I've found that I can tolerate LÄRABARs very well.) The bars contain two to nine ingredients, all of which are easily identifiable – no preservatives, fillers or added colors. All of the bars are gluten free, use non-GMO ingredients and are kosher.

They don’t use added sugars or sweeteners, except for their chocolate chip bars. These bars are made with a four ingredient chocolate chip that consists of Fair Trade Certified chocolate, can sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla. While there is no dairy in their chocolate chips, they’re made on a line which also produces chocolate chips with dairy - so they don’t feel right claiming that their chocolate chip bars are dairy free, soy free or vegan. If this is a concern to you, and you are very sensitive to dairy or soy or are vegan, you may want to skip the chocolate line altogether.

Also, if you’re concerned about the amount of sugar in the chocolate bars, upwards of 75% of the chocolate chip flavor's total sugar amount comes naturally from the fruit in the bar.

So how do LÄRABARs taste?

When my sample box of LÄRABARs showed from SocialSpark, my son, Nathan went, “Ew, gross!” I was surprised by this, because he likes dates, dried fruit and nuts. Well, he was totally wrong which isn’t a surprise. After all, he likes hot sauce on pancakes. I’m going to give him a chocolate one to try to see if I can change his mind. (He says he likes them now, go figure.)

I found that LÄRABARs are delicious! Finally a safe treat for me to have when I’m craving sweets. So far, my favorites are the Cashew Cookie, Coconut Cream Pie, and the Cherry Pie bars. Each bar contains between 3-6 grams of protein and are in the 190 to 230 calorie range. Each Lärabar flavor offers at least a half serving of fruit, too. Good stuff.

The bars are in the $1 to $2 range, a little pricey so watch for sales at your local store or buy it at a club store like Costco. You can also get your LÄRABAR coupon online, good for $1 off any 2 LÄRABAR bars.

Connect with LÄRABAR

If you’re a The Biggest Loser fan, you may have seen the episode on March 8 featuring trainer Brett discussing LÄRABARs with Rulon, Justin and Ken. You can also find them online on Twitter, Facebook and at Larabar.com.

You can purchase LÄRABARs at most grocery and health food stores. (Get your coupon before you go shopping!)

You can also order them at larabarstore.com or other online retailers like Amazon.

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