Zevia: zero calorie soda sweetened naturally with stevia

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As a expert panel member for the Global Stevia Institute, I’m interested in learning about products that contain stevia like Zevia, a natural diet soda sweetened with stevia and erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol found in fruits and vegetables.

The mixed stevia soda sampler six-pack I received contained all the flavors that Zevia makes with the exception of Twist. After chilling the sodas overnight, I drank three over the course of the day – cola, ginger ale and Dr. Zevia. That evening I shared the ginger root beer, black cherry and orange with my children, Nathan (10) and Lucie (7) to get their opinions on the natural sodas that would be more popular with kids.

Taste testing Zevia natural sodas

Ginger Ale was the first Zevia soda I tried. I love natural ginger soda, but after the first sip I thought, “This is too sweet!” As I did later with all the Zevia sodas. After a few more sips, I detected subtle ginger flavors – too subtle! I would have preferred if Zevia Ginger Ale had a stronger ginger taste. Still, I enjoyed drinking it and of all the Zevia sodas, I would buy this one again.

The next soda I tried was Cola Zevia. This one was good, too, after I got past the first “OMG this is too sweet” sip. Then I tried Dr. Zevia, a Dr. Pepper/Mr. Pibbs type soda. Both the cola and Dr. Zevia suffer from being too subtly flavored. Maybe I’m used to Coke Zero, but I want a soda to give me a give me a blast of flavor along with that sweet taste.

The kids’ opinion

Taste testing the remaining three sodas was pretty amusing, since the kids and I didn’t agree most of the time. I thought that Orange Zevia was disgusting, but Lucie really liked it. I liked the Ginger Root Beer, but Nathan said it tasted nothing like root beer. (Well, it’s flavored with non-GMO caramel, maybe that’s why.)

He decided to switch to the orange, while Lucie drank the root beer. However, we all agreed that Black Cherry was good, though it reminded me of the Dr. Zevia soda.

So what’s in Zevia soda?

Each Zevia soda contains no calories and natural flavoring ingredients like kola nut extract, artaric acid and fumaric acid. If the soda contains caffeine, it’s from a natural source like coffee. The orange soda contains citric acid for flavoring and annatto, from the achiote tree, for the coloring. You can see ingredient lists of all the sodas on the Zevia website along with more information about stevia and where to buy Zevia sodas.

All in all, I thought Zevia was just OK. They need to turn up the flavors and turn down the sweet. Then they'll have a great diet stevia-sweetened soda.

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  1. teresacooks

    I like to make my own stevia sodas with the flavored stevia drops and soda water (we have a soda stream, so we can make it whenever we want) My kids and I like to mix orange and vanilla for an orange cream soda. You can adjust the sweetness level this way – which is nice.


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