Raising the bar, the nutrition snack bar that is

Balance_bar_2Leslie at The Weighting Game has the posted the first part of her series "Raising the bar" on her blog. So far she's reviewed bars by Kashi, Attune, Ecco Bella, LUNA, and SoyJoy. Check it out!

Except for Kashi and LUNA, I've never heard of the rest. Maybe that's because I stick with the bars I like such as Kashi GOLEAN! Roll Bars and Balance Bars (especially the peanut butter ones - yum!)

Lately, I've fallen in dieting love with the the Kashi GOLEAN! bars because they're impervious to the summer heat and don't get smooshed in your purse. It's a little embarassing to lick a melted Balance bar off it's wrapper in public, don't you think?

UPDATE: Raising the Bar, Pt. 2 has been posted.

Do you have a favorite nutrition bar? Or do you think they're gross and a big waste of money?

3 thoughts on “Raising the bar, the nutrition snack bar that is

  1. Tigerlilly

    I will have to try the Kashi go lean bars… how much fat do they have in each one?

    Just came by to tell you to GET ON THAT BIKE!!! LOL J/K… But I wanted to give you the link to my blog!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Jim

    I prefer granola bars–fewer calories and less fat, but they tend to fill me up just as much.

    That said, Cliff bars are the only ones I’d touch. They’re pretty tasty.


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