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Cm_wii_31228Never in a million years did I think I'd mention a gaming video on this blog. But when I read about a game called "Cooking Mama" in Dave Thomas's column in the Denver Post, I had to laugh out loud. As Dave writes:

Anyone who has watched "Iron Chef" knows that Japan long has understood the inherent competition and one-upmanship of the kitchen. Chefs battling it out on TV for a panel of judges fits nicely with the county-fair pie contest or the neighborhood rivalry for the best barbecue.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that someone decided it would be fun to make a video game about cooking.

Cm_site_2_1228 "Cooking Mama" uses the touch screen and stylus to string together a series of mini-activities that concoct a tasty stew of fun. Whipping the stylus across the screen chops onions and washes rice. Flip a patty of meat, knead a ball of dough, strain a colander of soup or blow into the DS microphone to cool things. Each recipe features a series of steps that allows you to dish up more than 70 meals.

This sounds like a game even a Baby Boomer like me could get into. Well, maybe if I actually had a Nintendo - ha!

If you're into gaming, check out Wiifanboy's review, Peeking at Cooking Mama's potential (and thanks to Wiifanboy for the screen grabs, too.) You may want to look at the Cooking Mama site, though you have to able to read Japanese to figure it out.

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  1. Suzette

    Hey! I played that game before, it is fun and quite additive. The English version is already out in the market. But then, the real cooking and this game cooking can be very different! :)


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