A listing of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe websites

A Listing of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe websites from This Mama Cooks! On a Diet - thismamacooks.com

I was on the Weight Watchers recipe board looking for some new recipes for ground meat. I'm so tired of making the usual variations on chili.

And while I haven't found a new one yet, I did find this amazing list of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe sites that "CNANGO" posted. So I thought I'd share it with you since she made such a huge effort to list of all them.

Let me know if you find any good recipes and I'll post them here, too!

2014 up date: after going through the list, 75% of the websites were no longer live so I’ve deleted them. Instead, please check out my collection of healthy and delicious slow cooker recipes here at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet.

In addition, I'll be adding new Weight Watchers and healthy crockpot and slow cooker recipe sites as I find them, like these:

24 thoughts on “A listing of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe websites

  1. alyssa

    I just came across a huge Word document with like 100 or so WW crockpot recipes (I’m rediscovering my crockpot). Anyway, I scanned it a couple times for viruses and made a PDF out of it. I could email it if you want – luckily the PDF is pretty light. The file clocks in at around 400K.

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Alyssa, could you email that file to me? I am trying to get back on program with some easy recipes. Thanks, Jennifer

  3. Lori

    Can I get that as well please. I used to have it, but I forgot to copy off my work computer when I changed jobs. Thanks!

  4. Jeri

    Would you send me that PDF file for crockpot cooking? I would appreciate it greatly.

  5. Jann


    I recently started on WW and would love a copy of the PDF file of crockpot recipes. Would you please forward a copy to me? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Good luck with Weight Watchers!!

  6. Autumn

    I can see that you have had dozens of request for the Crockpot recipes, and I am here to request it as well. Please send the crockpot recipes to ramoran@aol.com. Thank you for being so helpful to all of us!

  7. Susan

    Is it to late to add one more name to the list of requests for a copy of the Weight Watchers crockpot recipes??? I would really appreciate it… I just bought a crockpot with hopes of cooking some weight watcher meals in it. Thank you so much! kissybears@hotmail.com


  8. Angela

    This is probably driving ou nuts – but I would love a copy of the df file as well! Please send it to me if you find time!!!!

  9. Ann

    May I have a copy of the WW crockpot pdf file? I’m looking for new and easy recipes with the points indicated.

    Thanks so much.

  10. pat boivin

    I would like a copy of the pdf file of the weight watchers crock pot recipes sent if possible sent to my email site.My husband and I just started weight watchers and we love it

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