A listing of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe websites

I was on the Weight Watchers recipe board looking for some new recipes for ground meat. I'm so tired of making the usual variations on chili.

And while I haven't found a new one yet, I did find this amazing list of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe sites that "CNANGO" posted. So I thought I'd share it with you since she made such a huge effort to list of all them.

Let me know if you find any good recipes and I'll post them here, too!

25 thoughts on “A listing of Weight Watchers crockpot recipe websites

  1. alyssa

    I just came across a huge Word document with like 100 or so WW crockpot recipes (I’m rediscovering my crockpot). Anyway, I scanned it a couple times for viruses and made a PDF out of it. I could email it if you want – luckily the PDF is pretty light. The file clocks in at around 400K.

  2. Jennifer

    Hi Alyssa, could you email that file to me? I am trying to get back on program with some easy recipes. Thanks, Jennifer

  3. Lori

    Can I get that as well please. I used to have it, but I forgot to copy off my work computer when I changed jobs. Thanks!

  4. Jeri

    Would you send me that PDF file for crockpot cooking? I would appreciate it greatly.

  5. Jann


    I recently started on WW and would love a copy of the PDF file of crockpot recipes. Would you please forward a copy to me? It would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Good luck with Weight Watchers!!

  6. Autumn

    I can see that you have had dozens of request for the Crockpot recipes, and I am here to request it as well. Please send the crockpot recipes to ramoran@aol.com. Thank you for being so helpful to all of us!

  7. Susan

    Is it to late to add one more name to the list of requests for a copy of the Weight Watchers crockpot recipes??? I would really appreciate it… I just bought a crockpot with hopes of cooking some weight watcher meals in it. Thank you so much! kissybears@hotmail.com


  8. Angela

    This is probably driving ou nuts – but I would love a copy of the df file as well! Please send it to me if you find time!!!!

  9. Ann

    May I have a copy of the WW crockpot pdf file? I’m looking for new and easy recipes with the points indicated.

    Thanks so much.

  10. pat boivin

    I would like a copy of the pdf file of the weight watchers crock pot recipes sent if possible sent to my email site.My husband and I just started weight watchers and we love it

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