Baby shower cakes, cupcakes and mini-cupcakes

Babygoround_sm_3I’m making the cake for dear friend Michelle D.’s baby shower in March. Yes, even though it’s over a month away, we’re planning the cakes now.

I told her to go over to Wilton’s website and tell me what she’d like. She jokingly asked me to make this cake. Michelle and her husband thought this was the funniest cake they’d ever seen. Don’t you just love the flying babies?

I think the people at Wilton have been sniffing too much vanilla flavoring. I know cake people are slightly nuts but not this masochistic. This cake would take hours to create.

Cuteandcontented_sm_1Then I saw this adorable cupcake. Now I love the idea of cupcakes. They’re easy and quick to produce, very portable, and if you mess it up, you go on to the next one and eat the evidence.

So Michelle and I decided to make up a bunch of these without the pacifier and the top curl. I can have fun piping different expressions on the babies’s faces, too.

And per Sean’s request for chocolate cake, I’m using Duncan Hines® Moist Deluxe® Devil’s Food Cake Mix. No I don’t make cakes from scratch, but use mixes. Much easier when you have to deal with Colorado’s high altitude and its effect on your baking.

Cupcakestand_1I bought a Wilton Cupcakes ’N More™ Dessert Stand recently at Michaels’ (with a 40% off coupon, of course). I think this is a great way to display cupcakes and makes a pretty party table decoration. I plan to use this at Michelle’s shower and at my Super Bowl party.

Cupcake_bouquet_e_1And for the little kids in attendence, I plan to make a mini-cupcake bouquet.

Mini-cupcakes are perfect for kids because all they want to do is lick off the icing and aren’t much interested in the cake. And there isn’t so much waste. Also, parents have a little more control to how much cake their child eats.

I got this idea from Sanda Lee’s Semi-Homemade show and her book, Semi-Homemade Desserts. However, I make my own mini-cupcakes and use a lot more icing.

For the icing, my favorite thing to do is using a brush, I stripe the inside of the piping bag with Wilton’s icing coloring. Then I gently fill the bag with white icing. When you squeeze the icing out it’s two-toned – a very slick and professional look.

I use a largish star tip and lots of icing when decorating mini-cupcakes. Afterall, cake’s great but icing is marvelous!

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18 thoughts on “Baby shower cakes, cupcakes and mini-cupcakes

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  2. MiaCupcake

    I love those baby smiling with the pacifier. so so sweet. Very neat and idea and easy to do. It is so true about how kids just love the icing and not much about the cake itself. I have difficulty controlling my daughter too!! It ends up with her eating the icing and me eating the cake! :)

  3. Sonya

    Hi, I run a baby shower website and I have recently started a baby shower cakes/cupcakes contest. I am looking for creative entries to display on my site. If you are interested, you can get more info about the contest on my site page. The contest will run through 3/26, and the winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

  4. Cathy Moorhead

    I am looking to purchase 100 cup cakes for a Cheerleading end of the year banquet. There are 28 Cheerleaders (I was looking for something cute with their name on an individual cup cake. And all the rest with maybe something like you have above. Would you be available for this and was would be the cost? Date is March 22md at 6:00pm.

  5. Kelly

    I’m hosting a babyshower for a really close friend(more like a sister) and I absolutely love the “Flying Babies Cake”. I wonder if I could do something like this? I don’t really want the top layers maybe just the first two. I’m pretty good with my tips and tools although I’ve never had any former training. Do you maybe have any suggestions on simplifying some of the details? I know getting some sugar decos would probably help but, so could a few good tips from someone who knows what i’m trying to get myself into!!! Thanks for your time. Sincerely Kelly from MI. P.S. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CUPCAKES THEY ARE ADORABLE!!!!!

  6. Jennifer

    How do you make the hollowed out part of the pacifier. I’m not understanding the directions very well on the Wilson site. Can someone please explain in more detail. I really want to make this cupcakes!!!!

  7. thebizofknowledge

    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. You offered some great suggestions for presentation; I’d never even heard of a cupcake stand, but I really love the cupcake bouquet idea. Very creative!

  8. Stephanie

    I have made the above baby shower cake from Wilton’s website. It did take hours to create but the mom to be loved it.


    I dont want to make the cake I am looking to order one for my son wife ,this is her first baby.and we are haveing a baby shower.I like the cake you made with the babys hanging down that is very cute.

  10. Mellie Helen

    Hey, I’ve got the mold for the teddy bear at the top of that monstrous cake!

    I’m a former Wilton instructor, and have been decorating cakes for about 25 years now (which is amazing since I’m only 21….oh, okay, so I’m not.) I love to see what other folks have done, and I too share some of my cakes on my blog. But if I ever want to feel either breathlessly inspired or hopelessly humbled, I check out either of the following sites:, link to, or (hold onto your spatula for this one) You’ll never complain about the time required to finish a Wilton-designed cake again, LOL!!


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