It’s cookie time – final thoughts

I tried making the Pinwheel Cookies again, and this batch turned out even worse looking that the first ones. The cookies were cracked and not round. And the swirls got all goofed up again. Storing them is impossible because they crumble. But they’re still delicious and the raw dough is addictive.

Some thoughts:

  • A friend mentioned that you need to buy "real" butter from a dairy. She believes that the butter at the grocery store is full of oils that can affect the results of your cookie baking. She says her sister uses butter-flavored Crisco with good results, but she prefers butter.
  • Forget the Pinwheel Cookies or the Sugar Cookie cutouts, since the dough has to be rolled out. Try making the Pecan Bars or the Thumbprint Cookies instead.
  • If you ever have the jones for raw cookie dough, this is a perfect recipe – no raw, bacteria-laden eggs!
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